How do i speak in tongues

how do i speak in tongues

Speaking in Tongues: Its Easier Than You Think!

Apr 11, This video is not sponsored. To support these videos, become a patron: From Religion: medattr.comringfro. So when you want to speak in tongues you first set your mind upon the intention, believe the words will be there, then just open your mouth and start speaking. But do not speak English or any other language you know. What you will be speaking is whatever language God chooses to give you.

Click here! My friend, do you want to speak in tongues? Do you want the precious gift of a heavenly language by the Holy Spirit? If you want this gift of the Spirit, you can have it. Because He is a powerful power Producer. He is a dunamis Producer; He is the dynamite that gives you power in your life. He gives you the power to say no, and He gives you the power to say yes. And when you speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit fills you with How to make garlic bread pizza unction.

He fills you with His power. And if you do too, then we have to go after it! We have to take it by force! The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. You have to take what God has for you! We in the church have made it so difficult. Come on, pray. Come on, yield! Speaking in tongues is a supernatural utterance by the Holy Spirit in a language never learned by the person doing the speaking.

Tongues is the language of the supernatural realm. What is the language of France? When I go to France, I have to get an interpreter. But if I want to move to France and want to be effective in France, I need to learn the language of France. I need to learn to speak French. If you want to be effective in the supernatural realm, then you have to become acquainted with the supernatural language of tongues.

As far back as I can remember, people have seemed to focus on how hard it is to receive this great phenomenon. Not talking; just thinking. There were people in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, right? But who was it that spoke in tongues? Was it the Holy Ghost who spoke in tonguesor what is a drum kit it the people? The people themselves spoke in tongues. This tells you they chose to speak in tongues. They are under the notion that the Holy Spirit gets their mouth open and forces them to talk.

According to the word of God, it was the how do i speak in tongues who spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. The disciples how do i speak in tongues in tongues. It was an act of the will, and the Spirit gave them utterance when they chose to speak in tongues. You are made up of body, soul, and spirit. Eventually, your body is going to turn back to dust.

Your soul is going to live forever either in Heaven or hell and your spirit is going to return to God. You just need to communicate, so you use the language you speak. Speaking in tongues is the same way. You communicate. You open your mouth and just talk in tongues, just like you just talk in French or you just talk in English. Speaking in tongues, in the heavenly language, is a function of the will. Nothing . God is always trying to get your will to line up with His will.

So He wants your will to come into agreement and into alignment with His will. God the Father is all the while effectively at work in you, how do i speak in tongues to will and to do His good pleasure.

He is ready and willing for you to speak in tongues right now. But, you have to believe. If you will stand in faith and open your mouth, the Holy Spirit will give you the utterance. He will supply you with the words; because the Bible says, as the Spirit gives the utterance. You can speak in the language of the Spirit right now because you are simply enabled to do so by the Holy Spirit who already lives inside you. His gifts are simply Him enabling you to do things under His power.

The Holy Ghost is already inside you; He lives there. So to speak in tongues, just open your mouth and speak the expressions that your spirit desires to unleash. The Holy Spirit just wants you to partner with Him. So I need you to what is a egyptian cartouche with me. Are you ready?

Just open your mouth and speak. The words that come out are not going how to make your thighs tighter be English or any other words known to you. It may be two syllables.

You have to come into partnership with the Holy Spirit. Let your spirit and your mouth come into agreement with what God is saying, and let your mind come into agreement with what God is saying. Create in me a clean heart. Purify me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

Set me apart, right now. Come into my heart and save me, and fill me with Your Spirit. I am forgiven. My life is in Your hands. Thank you, Jesus. And then just open your mouth and speak in faith by the Holy Spiritspeaking words unknown to you. Open your mouth and use your tongue to speak words unknown to you. Let the utterance of the Holy Ghost pass through your mouth. And after awhile, after you and the Lord speak His language, would you tell me in the comments below what happened and how the Lord ministered to you with His language?

Hello Judy, I have been speaking in tongues for a number of years now and I recall my first time as if it was yesterday. I was alone at home watching a programme on TV and a the end of the service the Pastor invited anyone who wanted the gift of tongues to stand in fatih so in my lounge I stood and he prayed and I followed the prayer and afterwards this sound came out of my mouth.

I honestly remember asking God if that was HIM or me imagining I had the gift because I thought I was talking some old native language that it what it sounded like to me. But that day the same language came forth and it is still the same today.

What is an acp round you for your blogs they are such a blessing. His Judy ,thank you for your teachings they truly are holy spirit filled, have been speaking in toungues how do i speak in tongues after reading this got new tongues hoo hoo what a mighty God we serve.

I receive it. I declare and decree with the Lord. The word To speak in tongues. King of Majesty Amen Amen. Thank you Holy Spirit, I have got it! Bless you Pastor Judy for your teaching on this subject. I remember when I receive D the gift of tongues. I wanted to have it so bad. One day a friend I work with said to me, for lunch today go out and sit under that tree and pray to God for this gift.

Sit quietly and listen for any unusual words coming into your mind. When they come into your mind, speak them out loud. I thought well ok. I how do i speak in tongues reluctant to speak it out loud. When I got home that night it seemed that the language how do i speak in tongues changing.

I think the Holy Spirit was helping my me to find the right language for me. Now I have the gift of tongues. Alot of times it says the same thing over and over and then all of a sudden it will change and say something else. I suppose for whatever is needed at the time. I notice myself feeling stronger and filled with joy when I use it. It is a gift from God so use it all the time when you get it.

The Choice to Speak in Tongues is Yours

Realize what it takes to speak physically, then apply this to speaking in tongues. The believer has to move his or her lips, mouth, and throat and say the words. God is not going to use you like a puppet and force words out of your mouth. You have the freedom of will to speak or not to speak. Oct 31, Some people call it speaking in tongues, praying in the spirit, praying in tongues, and even a personal prayer language. But these phrases all describe the very same thing. When we speak in tongues, we use a language enabled by the Spirit that cannot be understood by the natural mind. How To Speak In Tongues. Now that you know from previous teachings why one speaks in tongues and when one speaks in tongues, I know that you would like to receive into manifestation the power of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I know that you would like to speak the wonderful works of God and magnify God. To do this there is one thing you must do and that is to believe God's Word.

My Guest Blogger today is Max Pool. I know I felt all of these frustrations during my journey towards a deeper prayer life. This article does not build a case to convince you on the biblical reasoning or benefits of prayer in tongues there are a lot of great books by authors like Dave Roberson , but instead to provide you with very real and practical steps to jump start your ability to receive the gift of tongues.

Distraction can come in many forms: rambunctious children, fear of embarrassment, multi-tasking, and even the sound of your own voice. Remember that you are trying to remove all distractions, so when you start trying to pray in tongues find a quiet place that you can be alone to sit or lay for an hour. It was during lunchtime in my car with the seat reclined that I personally found initial comfort; however, I found my own voice to be very distracting, so I even went to the length of listening to gospel music with headphones.

The point is that this is a time of prayer, and you will need the same type of quiet isolation that your prayer time normally demands plus a little extra. Start making syllables and word sounds. In short, start babbling like a baby. Start exercising your tongue and mind to produce random word parts.

Many people incorrectly believe that gifts from God are bestowed upon us all at once and in full and their inability to heal, prophesy, or speak in tongues is because God has not yet blessed them with the gift. I love how Robert Morris of Gateway Church puts it so simply in this video :.

He will like that you are trying. In the beginning, it will not be fluent. Most likely it will be very choppy, repetitive, and hard to resist your mind taking back control of your mouth. All of this is just fine as you are starting and you have to start somewhere. The few sounds you are able to make at first are those most natural to you, that is, the ones which flowed out of your spirit the easiest. Adding to your sound vocabulary is done through a discovery process that exists both internal and external.

Internal discovery would be listening for queues in your mind, queues that the Holy Spirit might be giving you. When I started, with my eyes closed, I would see word parts or names flash in front of my eyes. Following along with my mouth, I felt as if I was slowly being tutored to unglue my mouth.

To this day I still listen for those hints God hands out; whether it is a flash of a word part or name in my mind or a new sound that catches my ear. The truth is God has already given you many gifts, but will only give us an amount that our faith can handle. So this means for many of us, we must build up these gifts in a continuous cycle of action and faith.

You act out of faith, your gift is strengthened, which results in increased faith for the next action. This cycle of action and faith is no different in learning how to pray in tongues. When that happens, stop attempting to pray in tongues and ask the Father in your native language for more faith. It really is that easy!

Depend on God to help you increase your faith in praying with the Holy Spirit, and trust that the Father will remove any barriers in your way. Doubt cripples faith, so quit worrying about the details. The whole gift of praying in tongues is to give God your tongue and time so your spirit can be built up. My prayer language is simple and vowel heavy. We are called to pray with our minds as well as with our spirits, and starting to pray with the Holy Spirit really is as easy as the above steps.

All it takes is a little practice and faith. That is a very good tip about having to start in your fleah!

My mom taught me to start with a song, singing the words then changing the syllables. Amazing grace, how sweet etc da tah ka ma Ki la ti dee. I knew my spirit took over when i was not thinking of the next syllable to sing. Great advice! Nothing more seems to come out of my mouth. Would love to hear what you think. Plateaus in anything can be frustrating, but it sounds like you have the will power of a saint well done! Practice is not prayer, and that is obvious since you are fully aware that you have taken the lead.

Then simply practice by going through the alphabet in order: ba, ca, da, fa, gaetc etc. Once you have unglued those sounds that feel like they might work, then switch to prayer using those new sounds.

Next experiment and practice with short vowel sounds, then long vowel sounds. Getting hung up on linguistics can be a huge blockage so start from scratch and start learning sounds again.

Another possibility may be spiritual. Prayer in tongues is meant to be an edification process, and personally when I began a huge release of sin and iniquity left me. As I prayed, sinful memories bubbled up into my memory, but I instantly felt the guilt and shame associated with these sins release. My point is pray to be shown your iniquities and generational curses, and pray for them to be released.

Pray to be given the tools to ask for forgiveness, and pray for faith. Tongues may come to you as a tool to break these chains, or you might be shown something to help you unlock your tongue.

Last, remember that God holds no good thing Psalm I firmly believe this to be true when it comes to this gift because tongues is a core tool for us to edify ourselves and the church. Max, I just now figured out how to find the original post with comments. I so appreciate your message and I will certainly give all your suggestions careful consideration.

Thank you so much for your kindness in helping me along! Nice post! I, too, find the sound of my voice distracting. If I focus on something else, the flow of tongues is more free for me. My husband often prays in English while I pray in tongues, so I can focus on his voice while allowing myself to speak in tongues.

Singing in tongues is even easierespecially if you like to sing! I was waiting for a baby to be born in the family. When that day finally came, I was asleep on the couch in my parents living room. I was 15 at the time. As I began to wake up and heard the news that the baby was born I thought to myself God bless this new baby and new life, take care of her etc.

There was no practicing of syllables or meditating or anything else like that. I remember looking down at my mouth in disbelief trying to understand what was happening. My father and his friend laughed really hard they thought I was still asleep.

The words were perfectly formed and my mouth knew exactly what it was doing but it has never happened again. Through Jesus Christ we all have the gift of heartfelt giving, but does that mean that the Holy Spirit makes the money jump out of our pocket into the offering plate? No, there needs to be a combination of acting through faith and our freewill to bring it into action.

Do gifts like tongues happen instantly? Sure do I think it is awesome when it does! But there are many others that need to act in faith to see the rewards. PM prayed over hundreds of people before seeing healing. Vlymen prayed for a long time to see angles discernment. I would have to agree, sometimes He has us chase a goal because it is the journey that will benefit us the greatest. Had a similar experience in I was praying in English intently, really focused and out came my prayer language, flowing!

Just phrases here and there. The same thing happened to my aunt and she said she just kept praying and seeking the Lord and out they came again after years of asking. Yes, Laurie, my experience was more similar to yours. In I had a incredibly supernatural experience with God but did not speak in another language. I began to call prayer lines all over the country asking for help to receive what I understood to be a gift.

One evening after yet another call to the Richard Roberts prayer line without success I sat and cried, certain that I had in someway done something that somehow I had done something which disqualified me from receiving this gift, that somehow God did not love me as much as he did those who had received.

As I sat alone, crying, all of a sudden from my belly welled up words, beautiful words. I was first shocked. I stopped crying. I asked, Is this it God? Are these the tongues you speak of? Then laughter, supernatural laughter from deep within poured from my belly, a laughter I could not contain. About a week after this event I shared my story with my sister who also wanted to receive this gift.

I prayed for her and God filled her with tongues also. Since this time I have prayed for many believers who have also received this wonderful, edifying gift. In all these cases the gift of tongues was immediate and full, no making up words or practicing syllables. This is my experience with the Holy Spirit. That sounds exactly like what happened, I opened my mouth and out it came, no rehearsing or chanting or helping along, it was just there.

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