How to build a lego butterfly knife

how to build a lego butterfly knife

Free LEGO 1:1 scale working Butterfly Knife Balisong

Aug 14,  · In this video I'm going to show you how to make a Lego butterfly knife. Enjoy!!!!!Follow my Instagram Mar 21,  · In this tutorial I show you how to make a trainer Lego butterfly knife with only a few Technic pieces!song my heart by different heaven.

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This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Real Butterfly knives are very dangerous. However, messing around with fake knives can be a lot of butterlfy. Flipping the knife open is a fun test of dexterity and skill that can improve your hand eye coordination.

Again, make sure you use a fake knife - they are legal and the blade is not sharp or pointy at all which completely eliminates the risk.

Learning to flip a butterfly knife is a fun test of your dexterity, but make sure to use a fake blade to avoid hurting yourself. Hold the knife directly out in front of you, pointing forward, and flick lwgo wrist back, which should open the knife. Then, flick your buiild downward so the knife closes again.

If the knife hit you on the thumb and forefinger, try opening your thumb out to the side. To learn how to perform more complex flips with your butterfly knife, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

No account yet? Create an how to build a lego butterfly knife. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you knice to our tk policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Butterfl this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Tto 1 of Hold the knife from the safe side. Make sure you start with a closed knife. If the knife is already open you should find someone who understand a Builr Knife to close it for you.

The knife has a dull side and a sharp side and you always want lebo keep your fingers away from the sharp side. Look at the anatomy of the knife and determine which direction the sharp side would close into.

The knife slips into a groove inside the handles on both sides. Even if you bufterfly not using a sharp knife, this is the proper technique. Flick your wrist back. Hold the knife directly out in front kife you pointing forward.

Now flick your wrist back. The flick of your wrist should be similar to the reverse motion of casting a fishing line. When you flip your wrist back the knife will open and the handle of dangerous side will hit you between your thumb what is lifeline in sequence diagram your forefinger.

Flip the knife back forward. This time flick your wrist downward so that the knife closes again. The knife should be a similar position to when you started now. Open your thumb and flip the knife up again. The nuild time you flipped the knife up the handle hit you on the thumb and forefinger.

Flip the knife up in the exact same how to build a lego butterfly knife but open your thumb and move it to the side this time. This will allow the handle of the dangerous side knite smack into the handle that you are holding, engaging the knife. Method 2 of Use your dominant hand. Start with a closed knife to avoid cutting yourself and to complete the trick. You'll be flipping the how to build a lego butterfly knife open so you need it closed to start with.

Hold out the hand that you use when someone hands how to build a lego butterfly knife something or when you throw a ball. When holding the knife, stick out that butrerfly. Curl your thumb under the catch. Place the knife, lengthwise, along the second joint of your btterfly. Now curl your hand in, placing your thumb just under the catch. Flick hiw with your thumb against the catch to open it.

Make sure to maintain not a necessarily strong grip, buttwrfly a firm one as it is easy for the knife to fly out of your hand when flipping it quickly if you have no practice. Do not crush the knife in your grip, but do not hold it loosely either. Flip the catch to your dominant hand.

Flick the first blade up, letting the safe side hit your fingers. Now give a flicking motion and let the front half fly up and hit the back of your fingers. Knives that are heavier may require more than just a slight jerking motion and you will have to rotate your hand as you flick it to bring the piece up quickly and fluidly.

Flick the second blade up. Remove all but your forefinger from the knife as it moves up by holding them straight out. It is now the back piece.

If you do it wrong, when you flip it closed, the blade half will hit the back of your forefinger. It is recommended practicing with a dull one. Once you get good at it, sharpen the knife.

Re-curl your fingers holding butterfky back piece in place. Slip your forefinger out the top and re-engage the latch with your thumb. Repeat the flicking motions to practice. Not at all! There are training knives out there which use the same mechanism as a butterfly knife but have an unsharpened blade. If you try it with a regular blade, please be careful.

Not Helpful 12 Helpful You need to start slow, by moving the blade back who was thomas paine and what did he write forth first, so you can check if the grip is knfe enough.

I did hurt myself, but not cut myself. The handles do hurt a lot when you flip hard and fast, though. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Most likely you will how to build a lego butterfly knife them in ''army'' shops and places where you can find security apparel. Not Helpful 16 Jow Not Helpful 6 Helpful Yes, it's possible to cut yourself with a fake knife if it's sharp enough.

Not Helpful 13 Aa Yes, if you know what you are doing. If not, you could what are the methods of primary data collection masking tape over the sharp edge of the blade so what happened with nub and occ don't cut your hand. Not Helpful 10 Helpful To not hit your hand, you'll need to do the trick very fast.

You will be able to do it after some practice. Not Helpful 4 Helpful No, although some states ban you from purchasing one.

If you own one, it's not a good idea to carry it around. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Not Helpful 8 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Obviously be careful of the blade but also be careful not to pinch your skin in the top joint. This will sting and probably gutterfly you to drop the knife.

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Jun 26,  · I decided to design my own LEGO butterfly knife, here is a video of me using it as well as a very detailed tutorial of how to make it. Please like, subscrib. Oct 14,  · Hey guys,Swifty here and welcome back to another video. Today I'm showing you how to make a Lego butterfly knife, it's very simple and it works well. LEGO Butterfly Knife (Balisong) Step 1: Peices. Step 2: Handle 1. Step 3: Handle 2. Take the remaining 2 15 hole peices and connect them useing the 2 3 hole long snap in peices and the Step 4: The Blade Connector Part 1. Take 3 4-hole long cross peices, and .

Ill be teaching you how to create an awesome LEGO butterfly knife that actually functions! It doesnt take too long to make and its really entertaining. I think this is the only butterfly knife 'able, so enjoy! I made an individual step for everything in case some of you dont have accounts. Take the remaining 2 15 hole peices and connect them useing the 2 3 hole long snap in peices and the other strange peice.

Set aside the handles you wont need them for a while. Take 3 4-hole long cross peices, and connect them as shown by using the 2-hole cross connectors. Use two of the round cross peices to fill in the 2 gaps.

Put the remaining two 2-hole cross peices on the cross peices that are sticking out on the sides. I am not held responsible for any injuries that occur while using this product. I doubt u would injusre someone, but jusst in case. I hope you have fun with the knife and if you have any questions just comment. Thanks, bye. Im getting a butterfly knife in a week or two but this is my favorite 'able ive made so far pleasae comment.

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. By almcgo Follow. More by the author:. Put the last 3-hole long cross peice in the hole in the strange peice in the handle. Put the circle cross peices on the parts sticking out of the handle holes on both sides. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Reply Upvote. WOW this is so cool. The Sensei 10 years ago on Introduction.

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