How to open walnuts without a nutcracker

how to open walnuts without a nutcracker

How to Crack and Shell Walnuts: 7 Ways to Open Raw Nuts

How To Open a Walnut with a Simple Knife. Step 1: Take the walnut in your non-dominant hand, and hold it horizontally, so that the divide between the two halves is like the walnut’s Equator, and the fibrous, plus-shaped seam is facing you. May 29,  · For mor ideas shells ideas Walnut gift ideas Walnut bouquet

A bowl of whole shell-on walnuts can be a beautiful part of a holiday spreadbut the question arises: how to get at the nutmeats nestled inside? T nutcracker may be the most efficient way to go about this how to open walnuts without a nutcracker, but there is another less conventional way to do it without tools, and it's a great party trick to boot.

Place two walnuts in your palm. Find a ridge on one of the nuts, and line it up with an indentation on the other, as if witthout together two puzzle pieces this keeps them locked together. Curl fingertips inward using firm pressure, as if trying to make a fist, until the ridged what are the nutritional needs of babies infants cracks open the other.

If you have smaller or not particularly strong hands nutcracket I doyou might find that wrapping an extra hand around the first to add additional pressure helps. Admittedly, this trick is unlikely to replace a nutcracker if you need to crack open many walnuts at a time, but it works in a pinch and is nutcrackef to impress your friends.

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Dec 07,  · How to Crack Open Nuts Without a Nutcracker Walnuts. Crack it by hand: I know what you're thinking, "crack it open with my bare hands? You must be nuts (pun Pistachios. Crack it by hand: Thankfully, most pistachios are easily opened with your hands. Put a thumb on either side Peanuts. Crack it. Dec 20,  · Place two walnuts in your palm. Find a ridge on one of the nuts, and line it up with an indentation on the other, as if putting together two Home Country: Brooklyn, NY. This video shows how to open a hazelnut easily without smashing the shell when you don't have a nutcracker. Be careful while handling a knife. Or not if you.

Nenad Stojkovic. Most nuts are pretty easy to separate from their shells. However a walnut kernel and its crinkly outer shell often seem impossible to prise apart. Here are some good ways to crack open and shell walnuts, and get the kernel out in one piece. Some are serious and some are just a little tongue in cheek. You can make up your own mind which method is the most effective.

A simple nutcracker is made from two pieces of metal or wood joined by a hinge. You put the nut near the hinge and grip hard. Your success at cracking a nut depends upon your personal strength. For some people this simple nutcracker is enough, but I'm not strong enough for it to work for me. An update on this classic design has a spring-loaded hinge. I like the Anwenk Heavy Duty nutcracker as it's perfect for my weak hand-grip strength.

It makes shelling walnuts easy-peasy and means everyone in the family including me can take their turn at cracking nuts at Christmas. Many people need a little help with applying the pressure needed to crack walnut shells easily. This is where the screw motion or screw press nutcracker comes to the rescue. This ingenious device dates back hundreds if not thousands of years. By using a screw motion, pressure is applied onto the shell of the nut without the user having a strong hand grip themselves.

My favorite is this stainless steel black walnut nutcracker. The amount of pressure used to crack the hull can be carefully regulated. The kernel can then be removed in one piece rather than in fragments. Screw type nutcrackers are usually made of either wood known as treen , or of metal often stainless steel.

There are also many examples of these type of nutcrackers made in the shape of a person as tourist souvenirs. If you have a steady hand and there are no small children nearby you could use a sharp knife to open the walnut and get the kernel out in one piece. The video below demonstrates this method.

The tip of the knife is placed into the seam or hinge of the walnut. Once inserted, the knife is twisted to force open the seam. If done correctly, the shell of the walnut will split open.

Please take care if you use this method, as it's easy for a knife to slip and cause injury. Using a freezer to crack open walnuts relies on the chemistry of water changing from a liquid into a solid. Put the walnuts into a freezer bag and seal. Place the sealed bag into the freezer for several hours. The water present in the nuts and their shells freezes. Water expands as it freezes and so the shells will split open.

This method works well for walnuts intend using for baking or cooking. This is because the expansion and contraction of the water within the nuts causes the kernels to become slightly soft and flabby tasting. If you use this method and intend eating the walnuts as a snack, you will need to roast or cook them before eating.

If all else fails you can use a door hinge. With this rough and ready method the walnut kernel is undamaged although I cannot guarantee that the doorjamb will remain unmarked!

If you grow and pick your own walnuts, you may want to de-hull a lot of nuts quickly and cheaply. One way to do this is by placing the crop in a wire cage, and then smashing the walnuts together using water and a pressure hose. When the weather is hot, this is a fun way to complete your harvest.

However this often results in the nuts being reduced to a mess of shell and kernel that need to be sieved apart again. The valuable part is the walnut kernel, the broken shells can be used as fuel in a wood-burning stove. Have you heard the expression "taking a sledge-hammer to crack a nut"? It literally means using disproportionate force to achieve a simple aim.

Unfortunately, the result is that the nut is smashed along with the shell. Unless you have the patience of Job and pick out the fragments of edible kernel from amongst the broken shell pieces, this is not a good method. However, if you are of a gentle and patient disposition, it is possible to gently tap the walnut with a small hammer and by tapping not hitting the shell, can achieve good results.

Walnuts are traditionally eaten at Christmas. This variety "English Walnut" is grown in the US. PlayMisty ForMe. I like to eat walnuts raw even though their shells are awkward to remove. Some people prefer to eat them roasted as this makes de-husking less of an issue. You can roast walnuts in the oven at degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Spread them out on baking sheets. If they're too close together they will take longer to cook. Allow the nuts to cool before attempting to remove the shells. The roasted husk is brittle and should be easier to crack than that of an unroasted nut. Use a food pick to help you prise every last piece of the kernel away from the shell.

Yes, some people can, but I've never been able to. This method is not recommended. Cracking walnuts with your bare hands can hurt like hell. To succeed you'll need strong hands, a grip like steel, and a tough-as-leather thick skin.

Put two nuts in the palm of one hand. Close your fingers around the walnuts. Squeeze hard. Use your other hand around the first to increase the pressure. With a great deal of effort and force, the nuts will crack open. I prefer to eat my walnuts straight after removing the outer shell. However, fresh nuts can be tough to chew if you wear dentures or have other dental problems. Soaking them in water for a few hours can help to soften them without losing their nutritious value.

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