How to plan a sweet 16 step by step

how to plan a sweet 16 step by step

Parents' Guide to Throwing a Sweet 16

Feb 26,  · So when it comes time to plan your teen’s Sweet 16, make Peerspace your first stop. A Sweet 16 is a huge milestone in your teen’s life. They’re halfway through their teenage years, ready to get a driver’s license, and old enough to land their very first job. Make the most of this special occasion! Here’s your step-by-step guide to. Apr 10,  · By following the steps below, any parent can plan a Sweet Sixteen birthday party their daughter won’t soon forget. Step 1: Choose the Date The first step is to pick a date, which may or may not fall on her actual birthday. It’s important to take into account holidays and other special events that could prevent her best friends from attending.

The first step is to pick how to remove linoleum adhesive from concrete date, which may what does liquid hydrogen look like may not fall on her actual birthday.

The venue will depend on the date, budget, and number of guests. An extravagant ballroom or sports venue might be the perfect spot for guests plah a sizeable budget. A limo party bus can host the birthday girl and 25 guests in a safe, comfortable setting where no alcohol is allowed. Even the backyard can provide hiw great, no-cost location for close friends and family to gather.

Other options include party halls, community plna, restaurants, and parks. They should be hand-delivered or mailed about three or four weeks before the party, allowing guests time to check their schedules and RSVP.

Finger foods or appetizers are a necessity. The menu will likely be determined by the venue, with some supplying the food, and others better suited for jow or home-cooked appetizers.

Any other vendors, like DJs or photographers, should also be booked at this time. If your daughter wants to make a grand entrance at her Sweet Sixteen, arriving in a limousine is the 1 to do it!

Echo Limousine rents 61 limos and SUV limos with professional chauffeured service around Chicago, and we can help your daughter and her friends arrive at her how to plan a sweet 16 step by step safely and in style.

We also rent party busses for an exciting alternative to a traditional Sweet Sixteen party! Call or text Echo Limousine at to learn more about limo services or stpe online to reserve your party bus today! Thank you for your quote! We will get back to you shortly.

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Jun 13,  · Step 2: Determine a Date. The next step is deciding on a date for your Sweet Sixteen party. Will it be before, after or on your sixteenth birthday? By deciding on a date for the party, the guests can be aware and make sure not to plan anything on that Jessica Missen. Sep 13,  · Finalize a theme. This is often the most important part to the honoree. While selecting a theme talk about the ways that the theme will be created and provide your teen guidance on what fits in the budget. Order themed Sweet 16 invitations well in advance so . It’s no secret that a sweet 16 party is the most highly anticipated event of a teen girl’s life. So much so that MTV created an entire series to document the occasion. The carefully planned soiree marks a teenage girl’s passage into adulthood so there’s no wonder why every detail must be perfect.

For some girls, turning 16 is anticipated almost as much as a wedding day, while others find it just as special as any other birthday. For parents, planning a sweet 16 party can range from exciting to overwhelming. Including your daughter in the party's budget discussions will help her understand why you can say yes to some requests and have to say no to others.

The size of your guest list will likely be affected by your budget. In most cases, the more people your daughter invites, the more the party will cost. Some families save up to host a big bash, inviting or more boys and girls. She might be happiest getting together with a close group of friends for a concert or a day at the spa.

Choosing a date and venue can be a challenge depending on where her birthday lands on the calendar. If it happens to fall around Christmas or during other busy times of the year, you'll need to plan accordingly. Depending on where you live, there should be a variety of possible venues available. If you're stuck or everything is booked, consider your backyard or ask around for ideas from family, friends, and co-workers. Some venues to consider include:.

Your daughter may think she's too old for a party theme, but it can be fun and more grown-up than the princess parties she's enjoyed in the past. These are some fun ideas for teen party themes if you want to go this route:. For instance, if she rides horses, you can go with an equestrian theme. If she loves to read, base the theme on her favorite novel.

You can even go with a favorite color, song, movie, or sport to personalize the party. Since some sweet 16 parties are as elaborate as weddings, consider attending a bridal fair. This is a great opportunity to compare prices among caterers, disc jockeys, and other service providers.

You can save even more money by tapping into the talent that already surrounds you. A friend could help you prepare food ahead of time and offer storage space in her freezer. The birthday girl might want to download her music playlist instead of hiring a DJ. You can even take a class together and learn how to bake and decorate a fancy cake.

If you're going to DIY pieces of the party, have fun with it and make it part of the experience! Proper etiquette is to send out invitations three to five weeks in advance. This allows your guests plenty of time to save the date. For sweet 16 parties, some like to follow the tradition of hand-delivering the invites.

Choose foods that are easy to eat standing up. Guests likely will be milling about rather than sitting down for a formal meal. One popular idea for sweet 16 parties is to have a grand dessert buffet , complete with themed tablescapes and a variety of sweet treats.

The cake can serve as the centerpiece for the dessert table. You can make the cakes multi-tiered, but in bright colors rather than white to distinguish them from wedding cakes. Yet, a smaller cake can be just as sweet! Cupcakes are another popular choice and are often decorated as elegantly as a wedding cake. Write a rough timeline for the party so everyone knows the general plan. Consider things like:.

You probably still see your daughter as a little girl, but sweet 16 parties are traditionally "coming-of-age" parties. Hitting this milestone can make her feel pretty grown up all of a sudden. Unfortunately, some teenagers interpret that as a license to experiment with alcohol or other controlled substances. It's also a good time to bring up your overall expectations for being a responsible young adult, even beyond the party.

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