How to practice voodoo on someone

how to practice voodoo on someone

An Introduction to the Basic Beliefs of the Vodou (Voodoo) Religion

Jan 29,  · How to Use Voodoo Dolls Properly in Spells. Voodoo dolls are a common practice in the Voodoo tradition. These dolls are meant to represent people whose energy you want to affect. For example, if you want to bring someone into your life, you might create a Voodoo doll and then place that doll in your bedroom to attract their energy. Oct 19,  · How to Do Voodoo Method 1 of 3: Making a Voodoo Doll. Focus your mind on a specific person. Your voodoo doll needs to represent an Method 2 of 3: Casting Love Spells. Pin the voodoo doll of the person you desire next to your pillow. If you want 66%(53).

Vodou or Voodoo is a monotheistic religion that is often misunderstood. Common in Haiti and New Orleans, Vodou merges Catholic and African beliefs to form a how to practice voodoo on someone set of rituals that include Somoene dolls and symbolic drawings.

However, as with any religion, followers of Vodou cannot be lumped into a single category. There are also many misconceptions, which are just as important to understand. Vodou is also known as Vodoun, Voodoo, and by several other variants.

It is a syncretic religion that combines Roman Catholicism and native African religion, particularly from the religion of the Dahomey region of West Africa the modern day nation of Benin. Vodou is primarily practiced in Haiti, New Orleans, and other locations within the Caribbean. Vodou began when African slaves brought their native traditions with them hwo how to practice voodoo on someone were forcefully transported to the new world.

However, they were generally forbidden from practicing their religion. Soeone get around these restrictions, the slaves started to equate their gods with Catholic saints.

They someoje performed their rituals using the items and imagery of the Catholic Church. If a Vodou practitioner considers himself Christian, simeone generally professes to be a Catholic Christian. Many Vodou practitioners also consider themselves Catholics. Some see the saints and spirits to be one and the same. Others still hold that the Catholic accouterments are primarily for appearance. Popular culture has strongly associated Vodou with devil worship, torture, cannibalismand malevolent magical workings.

This is largely the product of Hollywood coupled with historical misrepresentations and misunderstandings of the faith. The seeds of these misconceptions began much earlier than anything seen in the movies. A well-known incident in at Bois Caiman marked a crucial time in Haitian slave uprisings.

The exact details how to make pink sugar scrub intent are a matter of historical debate. It's believed that witnesses saw a Vodou ceremony and thought the participants were making some sort of pact with the Devil to thwart their sommeone. Some people -- even as recent as after the devastating earthquake go have claimed that this pact has perpetually cursed the Haitian people. In the Vodou-influenced areas such as Haiti, slavery was extremely violent and practuce the revolts of the slaves were equally as violent.

Someohe of this led white settlers to associate the religion with how to practice voodoo on someone and also helped fuel many unfounded rumors about Vodouisants. Vodou is t monotheistic religion. Followers of Vodou -- known as Vodouisants -- believe in a single, supreme godhead that can be equated with the Catholic God. This deity is known as Bondye"the good god". Vodouisants also accept the existence of lesser beings, which they call someeone or lwa.

These are more intimately involved in day-to-day life than Bondye, who is a remote figure. The lwa are divided into three families: Rada, Petro, and Ghede. The relationship between humans and lwa is a reciprocal one. How to improve your chin ups provide food and other items that appeal to the lwa in exchange for their assistance. The lwa are frequently invited to possess a believer during ritual so the community can directly interact with them.

Vilokan is the home of the lwa as well as the deceased. It is commonly described as a submerged and forested island. It is guarded by the lwa Pracfice, who must be appeased before practitioners can speak to any other Vilokan resident. There is no standardized dogma within Vodou. Two temples within the same city might teach different mythologies and appeal to the lwa in different ways. As such, the information provided in overviews of Vodou such as this one cannot always reflect the beliefs of all believers.

For example, sometimes lwa are how to latch on breastfeeding video with different families, Catholic saints, or veves.

Some common voodol are included here. Share Flipboard Email. Catherine Beyer. Wicca Expert. Cite this Article Format. Beyer, Catherine. Who Is Papa Legba? History and Legends.

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Voodoo Magic

Jul 29,  · The love spell is usually the most common type of Voodoo practices. Voodoo love spells are usually effective in helping someone seduce a lover, getting a lover to return, or even in strengthening the lovers’ devotion to one another. How to do voodoo on someone had a bad rep is because some people were successful in using it to seduce someone. And because of that, it made . Aug 05,  · Take a lump of natural beeswax about the size of your palm and put this in front of you. You should then take a pin and prick your hand with it. You would also want your hand to start bleeding a bit. Then keep casting the spell to make your Voodoo doll, . Feb 09,  · In voodoo practice, you can also sometimes just say a prayer to the entities or voodoo gods and they will surely come to your rescue. You can use this voodoo love spells without ingredients for any purpose: to attract and find love, to bind the love of another person, to stimulate and enhance love, beautify, maximize sexual attractiveness, heal and do everything to bring .

The word 'vodun' — the Haitian word 'Voodoo' comes from the African Fon Language which is still spoken today in Benin. Vodun means "divinity" or "Idol". The history of voodoo does not start, as many people believe around AD in Haiti, but about 15, years before Christ in Africa. Thus, the real source of voodoo is the Egyptian pyramids. These people would later come to be called 'Yoruba'. They were slaves to the Pharaohs and Kings. These people were later released however they never forgot the unbelievable things that they saw.

They had a profound admiration for God and desired to know him. At that time the Yoruba people crossed from Egypt into Africa, using a route which crossed over into Afica from the Nile and into Niger.

In this area of today's Nigeria, at that time, dwelled a culture called the 'Nok'. Between and BC, The Yoruba. Under the leadership of the Yoruba king Oduduwa, the people of Yoruba settled down in the city of Ile-Ife, which was considered a holy city by the natives. Descendant of this nation conquered large areas and laid the foundation of the Yoruba kingdom and spread voodoo through all of his conquered lands. Very quickly, the settlers discovered the sugar cane and tobacco, the benefits of cotton and agricultural wealth of Hispaniola.

The original inhabitants of Hispaniola, proved to be poor slaves, and very susceptible to diseases. King Charles V of Spain ordered the deportation of 15, blacks from Africa to meet the demand of the Spanish colonists in Hispaniola. As indeed belonged to many but not all, of the black slaves of the Yoruba ethnic group, soon began to merge cultures and religions, and laid the foundation for today's voodoo.

Today it is estimated that from the 16th to 19th century nearly 12 million people were deported from Africa. Of the survivors a little bit more than forty percent presumably went to the Caribbean Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica , possibly also many to Brazil, approximately five percent to North America and the remaining in Spanish, French and Dutch South America.

In the historical consciousness of the Haitians Voodoo has an extraordinary meaning and as well played a role in Bois Caiman, and in the ensuing revolution. This has made the voodoo into a kind of national religion of Haiti. Thus today Voodoo has a certain military symbolism, which is not found in other Afro-American religions. In Voodoo became an official national religion in Benin.

April 4th opened yet another new chapter for the Voodoo religion. Voodoo was made the official religion of Haiti. Priests and priestesses in Haiti now have the same rights as their Catholic counterparts. They may perform formal marriages, baptisms and conduct funerals. A few years ago Voodoo was recognized by the pope as a separate religion, because Voodoo priest have healed so many people and their healing power has become very well known.

Do you have a feeling that voodoo can help you? You can speak about that with us! The principle of Voodoo Magic lies in the connection with Gods Loas and spirits.

Voodoo Magic is about worshipping of these Gods, spirits and ancestors. Voodoo priest makes connection with Gods and spirits through performing magic rituals and prayers. But his role is not just to make this connection, but also to win God's favour and this way to motivate this strong entity to help. Majority of people considers voodoo magic as something dark, negative or even diabolic. This image is not what Voodoo really is. There are many people, whose lives has been saved through voodoo healing rituals!

If Voodoo Magic is used with the right intentions, it can bring to people love, health and much more. In our voodoo practice, we perform voodoo magic through prayers to God and to the beings of Light, so that we preclude all negative influences.

Voodoo has been here for ages. It is strong, universal power, which needs to be used in a responsible way, to the welfare of all people. Then, it work properly. For us is work with this power a tool, which transforms the intention into reality of our material world. The intention has to be absolutely clear, and magician has to be able to target it precisely, so that desired result is achieved. We can compare it to the work with the laser beam. Because laser beam is also the power of light transformed and concentrated.

The one, who know exactly, what he wants and why, and who really works on himself, such person will achieve everything what he wants. Also things, which seemed first unbelievable! In this central core of voodoo worship is Loa god, divine being, good spirit , Oracle, ancestral worship and reincarnation. Heaven and hell do not exist in Voodooism. In Voodoo they believe in reincarnation. The deeds of a person influence his next life. Someone who has been a good, honest and faithful person has the chance to ascend to Loa.

Thus they are given not only the power and influence but the opportunity to shape the world. If the person has not behaved well and was angry the person will be again born as a human and begin a new life cycle.

He again well have every opportunity, but all the temptations from before well still threaten and entice him. If the person was not good in their life it is possible that in his next life he will be punished by Loa. This could be a spiritual or physical impediments. However the belief of voodoo involves primarily light punishment for offenses.

However, serious offenses will be punished with misfortune or illness, or the rebirth as an animal. If the person was particularly bad, they can be reborn as Diab, as a demonic creature that only aspires to harm the living or dominate you.

Voodoo believers believe that Loa as well as Diab are Omnipresent. Therefore both take part in ones everyday life and are informed about all actions and misdeeds of believers.

Voodoo folloowers divide godly creatures into loa Rada and loa Petro. It is not such a strict division as between angels and demons in Christian religion. Loa Rada were working on the creation of the world, on making rules and life-keeping. Here are the gods like Loco god of woods , Agwe god of sea , Erzulia the goddess of beauty.

Some gods belong to both groups. Legba god of crossroads , can be invoked as loa Rada to bring the wealth but also as loa Petro to cause a disaster. Loa Petro are a group of demons that are called mainly to cause destruction. The bond of African traditions with cults of native Indians living in Haiti made Voodoo in Haiti a very dangerous practice in terms of harmful rituals.

Invocation of any loa Petro always means risking damage of body and soul! Therefore we want to warn those people, who are not prepared for such act, against such action. God of crossroads, singer, fighter, fool, guardian of the door into the spiritual sphere - he appears as either a child or a hunched old man old man with a crutch. In Haiti voodoo Legba is worshipped in two different forms: as a child or as a hunched fragile old man.

Both these forms express his speed and unpredictable behaviour. He is seen as a cheater but also as a messenger of destiny. He is a rebellious child and a wise man at the same time. In some myths Legba is a thief as he has stolen the secrets of gods and gave them to people.

Every ritual starts with invoking him and ends by saying goodbye to him. This is because he is the guardian of the door, therefore the contact with him enables better communication with other gods. During the ritual he is acting as a messenger of gods as he is translating the words of gods ghosts into human language.

Those who died can return back to the world of living people if they obtain Legba's blessing. Initially Xango was worshipped by Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Althoug he belongs among seven most powerful loa, he is not invoked in Haiti as often as other gods. He was born as one of the gods of earth and lived as a king of Oyo land on the earth with people. Today he is worshipped as a god of justice. On the home altar Shango is symbolised by double axe or ram's horn. Invocation of Shango can help with legal proceeding or it can give more power and courage.

Oshun is African Venus of Afrodite. She is the beauty, sensuality and love. Erzulia is a lady of visual arts and her attribute are jewels. She spreads the joy of life and passion. She heals diseases with cold water upon which she rules.

Her generosity feeds the hungry. She spreads universal abundance so that everybody can enjoy the beauty of creation. Careful, though, she is also a mother of witches and she colours herself with the blood of her enemies, she is the ruler of a vulture. Goddess of wind, fire, water and rainbow; ruler of the nature, fighter - courageous, beautiful, passionate and unpredictable. Oya is a goddess of sudden change.

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