How to say be nice in french

how to say be nice in french

How to Say Nice to Meet You in French

agreable, bien, beau, gentil, bon. be verb. etre, devenir, exister, venir, aller. See Also in French. gentil adjective, noun. nice, kind, friendly, gentle, good. Nearby Translations. French Translation. agreable. More French words for nice. agreable adjective. pleasant, enjoyable, agreeable, comfortable, good. bien adjective. right, alright, decent.

French has many ways to say "great. It means "good" and can seem a bit weak, just like "very good" or "great" would be in English. Using a synonym, instead, will make your French sound much more eloquent. The first will use the appropriate French " great " and the second will what is the meaning of rhyming the synonym.

This will allow you to really see the impact it has on your meaning. Chouette is common slang. It has the same masculine and feminine.

Now we will look at adjectives that are already at the highest degree of their meaning. What is wi fi card could, however, use vraiment really which is extremely popular, though it may be a bit overused at times. When something is really, really good, the word "good" simply cannot express that.

This is why we have a word like excellent in both French and English. Watch out for the word formidable as it is a false cognate. Formidable is positive in French, it does not mean terrible as "formidable" does in English. In English, "extraordinary" how to say be nice in french necessarily mean "great" as it can also mean "out of the ordinary.

When you're traveling, you will come across many eye-catching places. Yet, are they really just "pretty" or are they "amazing"? Fantastique is a perfect word for such a scenario. Merveilleux is much like fantastique in that it takes a mediocre description and adds pizzazz. You should have no problem with the French remarquable because it bears a remarkable resemblance to the English.

There are "great" ideas and there are "brilliant" ideas. It's also invariable, meaning it doesn't change with number and gender. Note that " les vacances " is plural feminine in French.

The phrase top cool is popular among a really young French crowd. Don't use it if you are over, say, 20! Share Flipboard Email.

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The 50 Most Beautiful French Words You'll Ever Hear. French translation of 'nice'. [?na?s ] adjective. 1. [holiday, trip, taste] agreable. 2. (= good) [food, meal] bon(ne) It’s very nice. C’est tres bon. a nice cup of coffee une bonne tasse de cafe. to have a nice time passer un bon moment. How to say very nice in French. very nice. French Translation. tres agreable. More French words for very nice. tres sympa. very nice. Find more words!

Asked by Wiki User. Of course you can change "soyez" to "sois" if speaking to someone you would call "tu". And don't forget to make "gentil" agree in gender and number with whomever you're addressing. To say very nice in French is: Tres bien. In French, 'bon voyage' means 'have a nice journey'. If you mean nice weather, you could say Il fait beau aujourd'hui. Nices pictures is "belles images" in French. Beau poisson. Bon Soir! A woman is nice - Une femme est belle. Ask Question. English to French.

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