How to set up an internet cafe network

how to set up an internet cafe network

How to Start and set up your own CyberCafe Internet cafe business with less than $1000

Feb 08,  · To open the Network page, please follow the steps: 1. Open Antamedia Internet Cafe Server 2. Click Login (no password in fresh install) 3. Click Setup – Network – Network 4. Delete irrelevant clients from the default list of 4 items 5. Set the maximum number of . Apr 03,  · You have the computers on the same network and if you have the internet on the main server, make it shareable, then the rest of the client computers will have internet access. From the simplest of devices, one can choose to simply plug in a 3G or 4G modem into the main server computer and it will serve the other clients.

Well, in this article I will be elaborating more on what you need to get your cyber cafe running, what each of the requirements will cost and finally how to setup the cyber cafe Internet cafe itself, both the hardware and software configurations. If this sounds like what you were looking for, then read on.

Here are a few things you should take keen note of before diving into this business venture. Every successful cyber business out there has to take note of this. The list below only entails the main components of a cyber cafe.

As I mentioned earlier, the above how to set up an internet cafe network the main requirements to start a cyber and of cause there are other ones which I will mention later.

Let me just clarify that we will be setting up a cyber cafe of just 4 client computers and one server computer. Except for a few more details such as the housing, electric and internet LAN cables, furniture, rent, license among others.

The costs for these items differ from country to country. I would recommend you start slow, do not go for the fanciest furniture as this may take so much of your little budget. You now have the requirements mentioned above. I assume that you have found the right spot and that the furniture, including the client booths and server desk, are all set. You have the four client computers set up on the desks and the main server computer too. The connection will how to set up an internet cafe network the schematic below although not in totality.

I will make it as simple as it can be. Connect all the four client computers and the Main server computer to the How to reduce male breast without surgery switch or the TP link using the network cables or the LAN cables. You also need to connect the Epson px printer to the same network on the TP-link so that it can communicate to all the computers in the network.

You will then have to install the printer to every computer in the network so that you are able to print from every client station and the main server too. In the schematic above, there is a firewall to protect clients from online havoc, we all know there is. In case you are confused about this, you can simply make sure that your computers have antivirus installed, up to date and always on.

You have the computers on the same network and if you have the internet on the main server, make it shareable, then the rest of the client computers will have internet access. From the simplest of devices, one can choose to simply weight training for kids what age in a 3G or 4G modem into the main server computer and it will serve the other clients.

Alternatively, some d-link or TP-link devices have internet support. You just have to plug the network cable into the network switch and you are done. Security is key for any internet base services. We have mentioned how to cast a circle above and the need for a firewall and antivirus. The security can be tightened further in the security settings of your network router.

You can contact your network provider for further explanation. Download and install the two major components of this application which are. The configuration process is not as hectic. Only focuses on the server computer. Check out the installation and configuration procedures here. Let me just mention a few of the things you can run smoothly in your internet cafe.

This is ideas for expansion in case you have more space and resources. The opportunities are limitless in this field and they are as many as your imaginations can think of. Once set up, you are good to go. Test to make sure everything is working fine then get to the business side of this venture, advertise, create awareness and get people to your internet cafe.

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What are the Success Factors in a Cyber Cafe business

Jun 24,  · Setup of LAN Configuration in the making of Internet Cafe where the internet access led to the Hub of the network. May 04,  · How to Start an Internet Cafe Business in 19 Steps 1. Understand the Industry This business is one of the very few businesses that strive handsomely irrespective of the 2. Conduct Market Research and Feasibility Studies Demographics and Psychographics The internet is the fire that shapes 3.

My name is Daniel. And I would like to take you through the steps on how to start a internet cafe in or cyber cafe business. Be it Africa, Asia, Europe etc. With this guide, you will be able to start a internet cafe or cyber cafe business from home if you want to lol. So I would like you to take every tip seriously. They are all based on my experience so far in this business. What to expect or look out for… Primarily, my guide on how to start a internet cafe business will be based on the following….

Here, I will be discussing the proposed capital and materials needed start a internet Cafe business. Having the necessary abilities is key in this business. So this section will entail necessary, primary abilities or skills one should have in other to strive in the cafe business. Aiming success in a cyber cafe business? If yes, then you need motivation and determination. This section is very important. All of the above mentioned points are important. But this is one section to look out for.

And lastly…. But you should also look out for other details I will providing like challenges and benefits the business. Which are… 1. Meaning of a internet cafe 2.

Reasons why I chose the cyber cafe business. Cyber:- according to long man dictionary means — connected with computers, especially with the sending of messages on the internet. Therefore, an internet or cyber cafe is a place where the internet can be accessible to interested clients for a particular fee. There must be a reason or reasons for doing something or going into something.

The reason is because you want to know how to start a internet cafe or cyber cafe business of your own someday or just for education purpose. Perhaps I guessed wrong. Read Also: How to start a successful football viewing center business. There are many other reasons why individuals go into the cafe business. But the above mentioned reasons are some of the important things you should lookout for before you start a internet cafe.

Yes the cafe business is lucrative, very lucrative. But the hungry crowd waiting to be fed or the high demand for the services is something you should prioritize. But sorry to disappoint you, you guessed wrong. Who would you choose to help you manage the cyber cafe business?

A computer literate with 1 year experience at an internet cafe or a computer literate with zero experience? Everyone will go for the former. Ignorance is not an excuse to failure. My first advice on how to start a internet cafe is to spend a few months working at one.

Just to get the much needed or required experience. Probably 3 to 6 months. I was lucky enough to get it right overtime though. But some would never get it at all. Am not saying you should get a shop in a hole like area please. Being sited at a place populated by higher institution or college students is one of the best things that can happen to your business in a country like Nigeria. You will surely start making decent sales in due time.

One way to attract students to your cafe business shop in Nigeria is to make it obvious they students are free to come charge at your place. At their own risk but at no cost. Another is nice ambiance with background music. Overall, make sure the prices are competitive. Consider the population of individuals living in that area or neighbourhood before settling your cyber cafe business there.

This is an advantage of being located around learning institutions in Nigeria. The population is there already.

Not so rich as to be able to afford their own personal computers and internet connection, but not so poor as not to be able to afford the services. My advice is to reach out to other shop owners around you and let them in on the need to for a very tight security. Nobody would appreciate being burgled. In most cases, such meetings would result to monthly contributions from every shop owners to hire a security man.

And then a salary would be agreed upon to pay for the service security of the personnel. Read Also: 6 ways to open a lucrative fashion design business on your own in A business name is that in which client or customers will use to recognize and distinguish your cyber cafe business from others. To be registered, all you have to do is locate and contact your union.

Just start your internet cafe business and as time goes on, the union will locate and register your business. The next step having solved or having worked on the above 3 tips is to set up your internet cafe.

Make sure your shop is very intact or in good condition. You can do this by checking for holes and leaking areas. And if found, make sure to have them blocked or fixed very well. Make sure you get the painting if your shop done using a very nice colour paint. You can always do better. According to my boss, blue is always a good choice. Your experience having worked at cafe comes in handy here. All you have to do is follow similar or better settings like that of the shop you gained your internet cafe experience.

First of, you need to go to a reliable store for your desktop computers. You can also take a very good computer engineer along to check and confirm the desktops. Just to be certain they are in good conditions. All networked. Read Also : Groundnut farming business plan. To be able to start a cyber cafe business, you need to have a very high familiarity with computers.

You should also add this among other things to consider before hiring a worker. Customers will come for system upgrading, formatting, antivirus installation etc. The ability to carry out such tasks come in handy at that point in time. Customers will always come back when satisfied with your services. There are loads of individuals out there who intend to have a very good computing knowledge. Guess what, they are also ready to pay real good for it.

The price charged for programming in Nigeria is around 25, — 30,, graphics design 15, — 20, and Java is 35, — 40, for 3 months. NOTE : prices for the various course mentioned above differs based on location. Make sure your prices are fair and very affordable.

Offer discounts when necessary. Your prices should tally with that of your competitors. The major point here is to be familiar with various search engines like google, bing, yahoo and others.

Also various computer products like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc. This is all about having the ability to records of accounts before and when you start running your cyber cafe.

It will enable you determine the amount to set aside for other necessary things like equipments maintenance etc. Motivation is having that eagerness and willingness to do something without needing to be told or forced to do it.

Personally, both motivation and determination work hand-in-hand. Being motivated and determined is key to operate or work long hours when running a cyber cafe business.

At least hrs for days a week. Working hrs a day in this line of business is fair. Depending on your location it could be more. Earlier I gave some reasons why I decided to start a internet cafe business. Those are what I call problem solving reason. I noticed people wanted to access the internet, they find it difficult to do printing out and photocopy documents etc. I wanted to solve those problems and I did; by opening my own cyber cafe business.

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