How to start a online store in india

how to start a online store in india

8 Steps to Start And Grow Your Online Shopify Store

If you are looking for a professional online store development, then you should hire a reputed eCommerce web development Company in India. A specialized company can build a competitive storefront which will blend with your business. Nov 17,  · Starting an online store in India can be a lengthy process, which would be difficult to comprehend in one article. So, in this article we are just highlighting the most important steps you will need to take in order to set-up an online store. Use these steps as a .

Bring your business online and start selling with ease. With features geared towards growing your sales, Instamojo has everything you need to build, manage, and grow your online business. Give the store a custom look by selecting your preferred theme from our library, and add your brand colours and style.

Manage your product catalog, maintain how to short the japanese bond market, ship orders, and more. Do all of this on-the-go with our Android app. Grow your business by converting leads, marketing campaigns, adding resellers, and more. Give it a try. Customize everything to your liking. Managing your Online Store should be a hassle free experience.

Have all your needs addressed intuitively. Leverage the power of technology. Inbuilt PG to idnia a seamless setup and ongoing experience. Leverage other tools such as Payment Links from your Online Store. Ship your products from your dashboard. Communicate with, cross-sell, and up-sell to your customers, so you can keep your relationships and business growing.

Get better conversions, address your customer queries, and stay in touch with them via Live chat. Give special and exclusive offers to your chosen customers, on special occasions, to attract them kndia grow your business. Exclusively available on Instamojo Android App. From store management, marketing, sales enablement to payment collection, and security, get everything you need to grow your online business.

Upgrade to Instamojo's premium online store plans. Get your money back in 14 days if you're not satisfied. Sell Online, In Minutes.

Please enter valid email id. Intuitive Tp Store Builder. Connect Your Own Domain. Integrated Payment Gateway. How Online Store Works. Build Provide some basic details about your business and create your Free Online Store within minutes. Customise Give the store a custom look by selecting your preferred theme from our library, and add your brand colours and style. Manage Manage your product catalog, maintain inventory, ship orders, and more.

Grow Grow your business by converting leads, marketing campaigns, adding resellers, and more. Start Building Your Store. Create Your Free Online Store. Manage Your Online Store. Get Started For How to start a online store in india. Integrated Shipping Services Ship your products from your dashboard. Live Chat Get better conversions, address your customer queries, and how to start a online store in india in touch with them via Live chat.

Best Value. Get Started. Schedule a Call. Customised pricing plan with full-service support to fast growing businesses. Read our store refund policy here. Why Businesses Instamojo. Today, we are no. It has been an easy process and has scaled up at so many levels. Instamojo is the first company through which we took our recycled footwear online.

We can just share a link or even ask for a particular amount from customers and donors. It is a very transparent process and is helping us a lot. The interface is very easy for even those who are not very comfortable on the internet. Nisha Millet Director, Swimming Onoine. For over a year, we tested Quirksmith through flea markets and we relied completely on Instamojo for payments and product listings.

I often read the stors they send across and find them very helpful how to transfer music from storage device to itunes business.

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Online selling has become more popular today. Most of the People have dreams to start their online store. If you are also willing to do an online selling business, then you will need to start an online Store. Few tips can help you to clear the concept about How to start Online Store in India– Let’s Start . Instamojo is India’s largest on-demand payments and ecommerce platform that empowers over 1,,+ micro-entrepreneurs, startups, MSMEs, to start, manage, and grow their business online across mobile and web, with just a bank account and phone number, in a few minutes. Jul 05,  · Steps to start an online grocery business in India. Let me give you a step by step guide to starting an online grocery franchise. From fresh fruits and vegetables to rice, spices, seasonings, packaged products, beverages, personal care products, meats, and everything we get in one place nothing but an online grocery store.

The online market is growing rapidly and this might be the right time to start an online store in India. In this article, we are talking about the basic knowledge of an online store which will help you with starting in a step-by-step process.

This website can be an e-commerce website, a retail store, a third-party website like eBay or a B2B website. In online stores, all the transactions of a sell-purchase process happen via electronic mediums, except for the delivery of goods.

Online shopping is a convenient way for online shoppers to place an order for any goods and get doorstep delivery within a time frame.

For starting an online store, a merchant should have a website domain related to his product category or his physical shop name or whatever name he wants his online store to go buy. Before deciding on the store name, check availability of domain name related to store name. To check the availability of domain names, you can visit GoDaddy. The mechanism of a shopping cart for an online store is mostly the same as the physical store. The online shopper moves through the catalog and decides on buying something from there.

In the next step, the shopper adds the desired products in a virtual cart on the website. To finally checkout, the shoppers go to the cart and make the final payment for the purchase. Adding to the cart helps the customer buy multiple products with a single payment. The order management system is responsible to send order placement notices to the merchant on the back end. It generates order Id and tracks the progress of the shipment.

It works together with shopping carts, online payment, shipping and inventory management systems to manage orders. For online shopping, users usually prefer to make an online payment for their purchases. Having a cash on delivery option is definitely recommended, but prepayment saves the merchant from fraud purchases. To make online payment available on your online store, you need to integrate a payment gateway. It is important to have a secure and fast serving payment gateway for an online store to accept online payments.

Because online shoppers are already afraid of credit card frauds, they will trust you only if you provide them the security in online payments. Proper shipment management is key to success in online stores. Many merchants use third-party shipping services, while others develop their own shipment system. It totally depends on the size and scale of your online store. If you are just starting with the online store for your products, it is advised to go with the third-party shipping system.

When you grow and scale a business, you can develop your own shipping system. To find a reliable third-party shipment service in India is a difficult task. A proper return and refund strategy in place can save your online store from a major set back. Make sure your online shoppers are able to see these policies very clearly. Be true to your customers about your return services, honesty is still an appreciated virtue. This catalog can be divided into multiple categories.

This takes them to the product page, where they find product images, descriptions, prices, offers, reviews, and ratings, etc. Check out page takes necessary information related to shipping like address, contact and other. Once the order is placed successfully it is notified to the merchant on the backend and details of the shipment are forwarded to the shipping partner. The shipment tracking keeps both the seller and the customer about the status of shipment.

If the customer is not satisfied with the product, it is returned to the seller once the return process is initiated. Starting an online store in India can be a lengthy process, which would be difficult to comprehend in one article. So, in this article we are just highlighting the most important steps you will need to take in order to set-up an online store.

Use these steps as a checklist that you can use to do in-depth research. The very first step to starting an online store is to identify your niche. Not only in India, anywhere in the world identification of targeted niche and audience is one of the most important parts of any business and marketing strategy. When you carefully choose your niche and its related products and create a focused strategy for marketing and promotion, success becomes inevitable in the Online world. Facebook ads are good examples of targeted ads.

Deciding on a domain name can be a tedious task, as a brand name is really important for marketing strategy. Sometimes unconventional brand names become viral because it sounds rebellious to the young audience. Keep the niche audience and their sentiments in check when you choose a brand name for your store. You can choose a domain name that is related to your brand name or the exact brand name, it totally depends on you. For an online store keep the domain name length in between 5 to 8 letters.

It helps in Search Engine Optimization and keyword targeting. Deciding on a niche and a domain name will help you choose, the theme for your online store and its design. The next step is to actually build an online store.

There are websites, which can help you find a freelancer who can work according to your requirements and budget. Meanwhile, you can work on setting up inventory for your products. If you are starting on a small scale, you can take help of third party warehouse service providers. These service providers will provide you storage space and handle inventory management tasks for you. This way you will save a lot of money in investment inventory setup. If you scale your online store in the future, you can build your own inventory according to your needs.

If you are starting an online store on a tight budget, then the suggestion is that you outsource your shipment process to a third party service provider. This would save you a huge amount of investment and a lot of overhead. But the catch is that you will have to choose a shipment partner who is reliable. This could be a difficult task, but be smart and talk to already online store owners about service providers they are using.

You can also research online about shipment service providers. Most service providers will also provide packaging along with shipping services. This would make shipment handling much easier for you. The alternative is to use a dropshipper for this purpose. Your dropshipping partner will handle everything for you. Before any step towards registration, please take legal advice.

The real work is done for an online store, in online promotional activities. In online business, the marketing efforts are largely targeted towards digital media using digital marketing techniques. There are different aspects of digital marketing efforts like:. Most business owners take this aspect of starting an online business very lightly. But to be a huge brand in the online market, you should be known for your customer-centric approach.

Provide them support in their issues. Set-up a customer support system in place. Be available to your customers. Connect with them using social media and engage with them. There are many ways to increase traffic in an online store.

First of all, identify your target audience. Now, find out where your audience is engaged in social media. Create a profile there and interact with your audience by providing them entertaining and educational content. Once you have their attention, redirect them towards your online store. There are many ways to find vendors and suppliers for online stores.

You can google search on yellow pages for them. Or you can directly go Amazon, eBay or Flipkart. Find the products you want to sell, and look for their suppliers. Directly contact them and see if they can supply you with the products for your online store.

There is no definitive answer to this question but you should start an online store with products at least. Then you can increase the number as you scale your business further. Plan this according to your investments. Starting with less number of products helps in focused marketing strategies. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously.

The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". It does not store any personal data. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features.

Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors.

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