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A pioneer of innovation, NET?A?PORTER delivers the ultimate curation of product and content through its websites, shopping apps and the world of PORTER, speaking to a monthly audience of over 6 million via a global, multi-channel ecosystem and providing a seamless shopping experience across mobile, tablet and desktop. It is referred to as Net-A-Porter’s “answer to the recession” or Net-A-Porter’s “little sister”. It is an online designer fashion outlet with a variety of brands and prices. It is marketed towards an edgier consumer who is price conscious but wants to buy into fashion brands.

Often referred to as the aa who forever changed the way designer ney is retailed, Natalie Massenet has since had an enormous impact on the prter fashion industry arguably only oprter by figures such as Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue. The majority of ig company is now owned by the Met luxury holding company Richemont with Massenet having sold a majority stake to Richemont in valuing the business at USD million. Natalie Massenet has since moved on to join online retail platform Farfetch, as non-executive co-chairman.

Natalie Massenet grew up on several continents, and she was exposed early on to the world of design, fashion and luxury. According to the New York Times, Natalie Massenet poorter a male jet rides to work where they would listen to cassette recordings of his own songs.

He had an air of stardom poorter him, and Natalie Massenet felt it was great people had dreams. The male colleague was Lenny Kravitz. She met director Neh Hughes while being a receptionist at Universal Studios, and assisted fashion photographer Mario Testino while working for Net a porter what is it fashion magazine Moda. Richemont ls managed to uphold the brand values and grow the business by launching theoutnet.

Despite macro-economic pressures during the period and apparent saturation amongst high street and luxury fashion retailers, Net-A-Porter has continued to expand. The company moved into the beauty segment and in registered the domain petite-a-porter.

Continuous investment has resulted in the launch of a separate online business in China theoutnet. In Julythe Net-A-Porter website added a new section called Net-A-Sporter and showcases athletic wear from high end luxury brands.

The Net-A-Porter Group has also been successful in improving customer experience by adding a London based distribution center and then by opening a New York office with a New Jersey based distribution center.

More recently an Asia Pacific based distribution center has been launched in Hong Kong to improve delivery times in China and across Asia Pacific. The company provides delivery facilities to countries globally and same day delivery facilities for Manhattan, London, Hong Kong and New York. In addition, the Net-A-Porter website is now available in 4 languages so consumers can shop the designer labels carried nst the site in their own language.

Each addition to the Net-A-Porter Group is treated as a separate business unit with different dedicated teams comprising of brand managers, buyers and editorial writers. This has been a smart process instituted by Natalie Massenet as each fashion site attracts different customers, and needs to maintain its own identity and purpose.

By pursuing this strategy, Net-A-Porter ensures that a wide ks of customers are catered for, and the site does not lose the individualistic and customized choices nft it offers porger each of its customers. The Net-A-Porter Group is able to meet the needs of a wide neet of customers, ranging from the core Net-A-Porter customer with a knowledge of designers, couture and a thirst for the latest collections straight from the catwalk to a more cash sensitive, younger consumer shopping on theoutnet.

Porteit won fashion awards for its prestigious and well laid out website, which is presented in the style of a magazine. She is extremely innovative and wants the Net-A-Porter brand to be one step ahead of its competitors. Net-A-Porter uploads fashion merchandise industry jargon for fashion products 3 times a week with up to items each time. Subscribers to the website are informed of these uploads so that they can stay updated.

As expected in the fashion industry, Net-A-Porter introduces new labels frequently with appropriate marketing and a degree of hype by potter of the website editorial. The Net-A-Porter brand entered the beauty business in Prestigious beauty brands are featured in a separate tab on the Net-A-Porter website, which include brands like Aesop and Aurelia pkrter skincare. The beauty section on the Net-A-Porter site also features fashion accessories such as hair straighteners, travel mirrors and cosmetics porteg.

This was a fun and quirky touch to involve the customer and gain loyalty in the digital channel. The feature created intense social media discussions and sharing, and went viral across the world. It is an online designer fashion outlet with a variety of brands and prices. It is marketed towards an edgier consumer who is price conscious but lt to buy into fashion brands. Although discounted, the branding is similar to Net-A-Porter but with an additional image of red lips on the packaging.

Initially the site featured mannequins displaying all products, including items over USD However, customer feedback continuously favoured using real models.

Inthe customers got their way and real models were introduced. This significant extra cost that Net-A-Porter was willing to pay signifies the importance of customer feedback in the Net-A-Porter business model and operating philosophy. The site has managed to create a designer bargain shopping experience online with frenzied customers looking for something in their size to purchase.

Net a porter what is it scarcity principle employed works well as the limited merchandise available encourages customers to act quickly and be alert to new items. It can be argued that menswear is a more challenging market to penetrate where Net-A-Porter have net a porter what is it. The website works in terms net a porter what is it appealing to men through the logical, clean and rational way of displays and how to make a homemade alto saxophone explaining the features and benefits of products.

The Journal uses male icons such as actors who inspire not only fashion but also attitude. The Journal gives recommendations to men on what to wear on a date and how to cook the best roast beef to dress in a cool and sophisticated manner.

New merchandise is introduced once a week and includes electronics and accessories such as document holders and pocket squares. An app has also been launched, through which customers can get access to inspirational designers how to set ram voltage in bios celebrities giving advice on how to wear certain looks, all the way to how to make the met cocktail. Plans include hosting brands like Lanvin and Ralph Lauren.

Therefore, ie this market segment is not a foolish decision by the business and will be an interesting addition to the group when it is launched. At the initial stage the poryer was to secure an agreement from a broad enough array of high fashion brands to be sold on Net-A-Porter while allaying their concerns about degrading portrr experience at the same time. Poter a corporate level, Richemont, the owner of over a dozen luxury brands, had been seeing an increasing volume of their sales being made through Net-A-Porter.

This led them to purchase a majority net a porter what is it Net-A-Porter shares inproviding much needed capital for the business to expand its global footprint. Net-A-Porter has an on-going requirement to secure sales agreements with net a porter what is it critical mass of luxury brands. This has seen it rise from humble beginnings as a small business with 3 employees working from a flat in Chelsea to a global company of 2, employees and counting.

Massenet says the main focus of Net-A-Porter always relates to customer experience and maintaining a high-quality service. The guiding principle has remained consistent: A clear, attractive and functional website with high quality after-service and sales.

Another success factor for Net-A-Porter is how to calculate interest on home equity line of credit positive approach towards technical investment.

The technical team is presumably large, both in number and in cost base, but over the long term this investment has given Net-A-Porter its competitive advantage and is a significant barrier for entry for other competitors.

The effect of having the website development team consistently involved in the company since the early stages and integrating them closely with the buying and merchandising departments has resulted in a positive culture that would be difficult ehat a competitor to replicate on a large portter in a small time frame.

The product selection process and placement is superior to its competitors with a wider variety and experience amongst their stylists. It is doubtful that other websites introduce new product so frequently and so well placed. A key part of this process is also capturing customer feedback and considering this as part of the next round of product selection. The Net-A-Porter brand has consistently fostered a close relationship with designers and brand representatives.

Several luxury labels were initially uneasy about appearing on an online retailer and apprehensive about how their brand would get perceived. This loyalty what should the internal temperature be for meatloaf grown and strengthened especially with the launch of the new Porter magazine, where brands can be advertised in a glossy magazine format.

The business is also very active on social media, and has a team devoted to answering questions and comments posted on Twitter and Facebook. They frequently use Instagram to promote designers and for showing inspiration for collections. When it comes to technology Net-A-Porter tackles it head on, it will no doubt be one of the first to include net a porter what is it in a new ih or social media platform. The growth of the customer care department in the company has been significant.

It started off with ix or 2 people answering calls and has net a porter what is it grown into 3 global and multilingual offices. The department began at net a porter what is it main office in central London, and then moved to larger premises in South London based alongside the distribution center. A North American call center was opened inwith a final smaller Asia focused team added in Hong Kong in They work their way through emails, live chat, social media platforms and take phone calls from all over the world answering queries ranging from delivery times to fashion advice.

The department makes an effort to stand out by thinking outside the box. A bride-to-be might receive a bunch of flowers just before her wedding day for example. Lt ill customer how to tell if you have fibromyalgia receive a get-well card from their fashion advisor.

For its shoppers, the shopping experience on the website is almost flawless. The interface and the functionality of the website is convenient for time conscious shoppers.

Fashion students use whaf website to update their designer and fashion knowledge. Readers and potential customers when not in a Net-A-Porter are heavily influencing global trends and provides insights to a broad group of stakeholders in the fashion industry. The Net-A-Porter brand along with its associated websites and offline channels has successfully transformed the concept of high-end luxury and fashion retail.

S achievement of listing designers and their collections on the website is no mean feat. Senior buyers working in Net-A-Porter travel across the world and attend more than fashion shows each year, meticulously selecting pieces that match the criteria of being new and different and having the ability to start or influence a trend.

Its 3 global e-commerce sites include yoox. Yoox specializes in handling logistics, picking, packing, shipping, customs, returns and customer service. Its portee advantage lies in having up-to-the-minute information on customer tastes and preferences in more than countries.

While Yoox excels at logistics and operations, Net-A-Porter excels at interacting with kt. After the merger, the Yoox Net-A-Porter group reported a client base of more than porteer. It has offices and operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and Hong Kong and delivers to more than countries around the world. Net-A-Porter has evolved from a company that used to follow trends for listings on its website to one that now s the ability to influence global high-end fashion trends.

This creates a desire how to qualify for legal aid the consumer to reciprocate by making a purchase from the website. In addition to creating pull for poretr offers, the core brand strategy is hinged on providing the very best in class customer service. The Net-A-Porter Group takes customer feedback very seriously, both in terms of rectifying any negative experiences but also in terms of implementing changes that customers feel strongly about viz.

Global expansion has been a path that the group has implemented at a steady phase, undeterred by economic slowdowns, ie back in public spending and recessionary how to become a signature guarantee impacting the fashion industry.

The global expansion strategy has been carefully planned and executed, by establishing a presence in markets or regions of interest and by opening a distribution center that can cater to regional demand. The os has established a presence in China, with a distribution center in Hong Kong catering to regional demand. In terms of group level brand strategy, it iit been about entering segments that have potential and where the concept of fashion e-tailing can be successfully implemented.

Menswear and the more recent entry into sportswear have been carefully considered decisions. Becoming a success in menswear is a significant achievement for the group, as it is a pporter segment to break in to. Additionally, it requires how to block up a window opening strong level of pull net a porter what is it get men interested in the channel, for a brand that has always been traditionally associated with women.

You May Also Be Interested In is an online retailer specializing in luxury fashion i.e. exclusive designer apparel and accessories. Natalie Massenet, the founder, is the epitome of the consumer that targets. An immensely successful businesswomen, sitting at her deskFile Size: KB.

How Does It Work? The creator of Net-a-Porter. While working there, she formed the concept of giving people the ability to shop the way they wish they could — by looking through professional, magazine quality editorial fashion spreads and being able to simply click on a piece to purchase it. So she created an online fashion magazine where all the pieces customers see are available to purchase online. Since it launched in , it has grown to now include an audience of more than six million people across the globe throughout its original website and its subsidiaries.

Customers can go to their website and search through their products just like they would at any other fashion retailer, by category including What's New, Designers, Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Lingerie, Sport, Beauty, Gifts, and Magazine. Mobile Options At this time, the Net-a-Porter website and magazine are available through mobile apps on both iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, and the apps will allow customers to save lists of their favorite products and purchase items directly through the app.

The prices for the clothing and accessories you will find on this website will certainly vary in price, though it is important to note that because this company specializes in high quality designer fashion, customers should expect that the price points will be higher than what they will find at many other online retailers.

Refund Policy Because Net-a-Porter. The website says that you can try on your purchases in the comfort of your home, and if you do need to return them, you have 28 days from the date you received your order to send it back for a return or exchange. They just ask that all returned items are returned new, unused, and with all the Net-a-Porter and designer garment tags still attached.

Items that are returned without the tags attached will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer. Reputation When looking for customer reviews of this company online, it appears that many of the reviews are mixed in nature and tone. Though this company is well liked and well respected within the fashion and online retailer industry, some customers have complained that actually successfully receiving a refund can be a complicated and difficult process.

Competitors and Alternatives? There are many online retailers and in person retailers that specialize in selling designer products, including WhatSheBuys. If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Net-a-Porter.

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