What computer should i buy 2012

what computer should i buy 2012

Upgrade or Replace a Desktop PC?

Jul 17,  · Re: Should I buy a laptop made in ? «Reply #6 on: July 08, , PM» the absolute Minimum requirements for that game require a 2Ghz Quad Core and a GTX . Feb 26,  · Unless you regularly have multiple large apps open at the same time, 8GB should be your target. Operating System Windows 10 should be easy to use for anyone who has used a previous version of Windows.

This buying guide provides an overview of all the Mac models available, and what each model is best suited for. To bky more details, you can read the full review by clicking the product name in the product boxes that have mouse ratings. What is it? Apple currently offers two inch models. The MacBook Air is ideal for the budget conscious. What shluld the specifications? Apple claims 15 hours of battery life for wireless web and 18 hours Apple TV app movie playback. The main difference between the models offered is the GPU and storage.

How do I connect stuff? It also provides built-in Bluetooth for wirelessly connecting a mouse or other peripherals. How fast is it? The MacBook Air is one of the fastest laptops around, period. The M1 provides performance that is leaps and bounds faster what computer should i buy 2012 what was previously found in the MacBook Air.

Ready to buy a MacBook Air? Go to the Apple Store. M1-based inch models were released November Intel-based inch models were released May The MacBook Pro is for the demanding user who wants a portable computer that also performs well.

The MacBook Pro is available in screen sizes of 13 inches and 16 inches. All laptops include the Touch Bar interface at the top of the keyboard. What is the Touch Bar? The Touch Bar is a input device that sits on top of the keyboard.

The buttons and controls available on the Touch Bar change depending on the software you are using. Learn more about the Touch Bar. If you have a Thunderbolt 3 device, you can plug it directly into the laptop. What computer should i buy 2012 same goes for any USB-C device. Unfortunately, be prepared to shell how to activate smart money account a good amount of extra cash.

The MacBook Pro models are, to no surprise, the fastest Apple laptops. There is a thing you need to consider regarding the MacBook Pro. And the M1 outperforms the other MacBook Pro models. Apple will update the other MacBook Pro models with its system coputer a chip, so wat you can wait, the wait will pay off.

If your work mostly involves internet access and other productivity tasks, however, go for a MacBook Air. Ready to buy a MacBook Pro? MacBook Air. Mentioned in this article. MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro

Dec 01,  · What type of computer should I buy? Updated: 11/30/ by Computer Hope. Today, there are hundreds of options to consider when trying to decide what type of computer to buy. Instead of overwhelming you with every option, we've created the following tool to guide all types of users in making the right choice for a new computer. Take a few. Jul 08,  · Memory. The memory inside a desktop computer is the easiest and most cost-effective upgrade. The more memory that a PC has, the more data it can process without having to use virtual memory. Virtual memory exceeds the system RAM and goes to . When you’re purchasing your computer consider what type of computer model would work best for you and take into account the features that you find most important. Choose from these styles: Tower: A form of computer that has been around for quite a while is a tower. A tower is one style of desktop computer .

These weigh just a couple of pounds, have batteries that can last a full workday of more than 8 hours, and have more than enough power to tackle common productivity tasks like browsing the web and editing Microsoft Office documents. Some models, known as 2-in-1s, can be used as a tablet of sorts by bending the keyboard backward and behind the screen using a degree hinge.

Staring out into a display puts less strain on your neck than staring down into one as you would with a laptop. You also generally get more power per dollar spent with a desktop than you do with a laptop. And though the great Mac vs. Both have access to top-tier software, include robust anti-malware protection, and are easy to use: For instance, Google Chrome and Microsoft Word are basically the same on Macs and PCs.

That said, being able to pair a Mac with an iPhone or an Android phone with a PC could be too good to pass up. Doing so would let you answer a text message with your keyboard and share copy-paste data between a computer and a smartphone.

And those are just a few examples. For more, check our full computer ratings based on our latest tests results, available to Consumer Reports members. Laptops let you use your computer away from your desk, but you pay for that mobility with keyboards that some consumers may find a little small, especially when it comes to laptops less than 13 inches wide.

Laptops are also generally more difficult and expensive to repair than a desktop, in part because of their small size and specialized parts. When it comes to laptops, screen size will be an essential factor in deciding which model is right for you. Nowadays, laptops generally come in a range of sizes. See our laptop ratings , available to CR members, for more information.

Battery life varies, but you should be able to get through at least a full workday nowadays. Such a laptop can easily be a desktop replacement. Until a few years ago, only inch and larger models had graphics processors with dedicated video memory, but now some to inch models have them, making them suitable for editing video and gaming.

For folks who want to replace their desktop with a laptop that would sit semipermanently in one place but be portable enough to take from room to room, these laptops will deliver. They tend to have higher-end components, too, offering lots of storage and performance to spare. Beyond performance, a larger screen can make it more comfortable to work on multiple windows or large spreadsheets or kill some time watching Netflix. Lighter and less expensive than most laptops, these highly mobile devices offer an extra dose of portability and many—but certainly not all—of the features.

Click here to check our computer ratings. Chromebooks use Chrome OS, an operating system developed by Google and whose user interface largely resembles the Chrome web browser. See the best Chromebooks in our ratings here. Chromebooks typically have smaller amounts of storage than other laptops, so consumers should be prepared to stream, instead of download, content like music and movies.

You need access to the internet to get the best work out of one of these machines, and store files in the cloud with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive. Laptops known as 2-in-1s either have a keyboard that can be bent around the back of the display or a keyboard that can be detached entirely.

These are called convertibles and detachables, respectively. They may be useful if you want to use your laptop in bed while holding it like a tablet to stream video, say or if you want to prop up the laptop like a "tent" to more easily show off the display to other people nearby. You may even find scrolling through photos or merely swiping around the web to be easier than using a mouse and keyboard.

For some, a tablet can take the place of a laptop. See our tablet buying guide for detailed information about shopping for one. These machines are lightweight and highly portable. Their weight can vary between just less than a pound to about 1. In our tests, their batteries can last more than 10 hours per charge.

For office productivity tasks, you can add a keyboard to many of them. Desktops typically offer a better bang for your buck compared with laptops, delivering more power and performance per dollar spent.

You may not need a ton of power if, say, you spend most of the day inside office productivity software, but they often cost less. See our desktop ratings , available to CR members, for more information. Though they require a lot of room under or on top of your desk, full-sized desktops are the least expensive and the easiest to upgrade and repair.

At less than half the size of full-sized desktops, compact or slim desktops are ideal if you lack space under your desk or if you plan to put the computer on your desk. All-in-one desktop computers, also known as "all-in-ones," combine the computer and monitor. The components are tightly packed behind and underneath the display, making them difficult to upgrade or repair.

Meant to be space-savers, they're also designed to look less stodgy than traditional computers. The sky's the limit for gaming systems. You get the fastest processors, the most sophisticated graphics cards, multiple large hard drives, and lots of RAM. Cases are usually large and offer room for additional components like extra memory or dedicated sound cards. These tend to be quite expensive. For more, watch our interactive video below.

You can skip to different chapters depending on your interests—for example, battery life, specs, portability, and brands. Speed matters. Processors with multiple cores can process more data simultaneously, with four cores now increasingly common on laptops.

Our ratings say how many cores a laptop's processor has. Clock speed, measured in gigahertz GHz , along with the number of cores and other factors, determines how quickly a processor can process information. Many processors can up the speed a bit for a brief time to yield maximum performance.

Generally, within a processor family, the higher the clock speed, the faster the processor. Clock speeds typically start at around 1 GHz for a mobile processor.

Speeds can exceed 5 GHz for a desktop processor. Power Consumption Another important factor when choosing a processor, especially for laptops: Lower power consumption equals longer battery life. If you're looking for a very basic or budget computer to browse the web, email, and work on Office documents, basically every processor on the market should be sufficient.

If you plan to watch high-resolution videos or play mainstream games, the Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 line of processors should be your starting point. How Much Memory? The more memory a computer has, the faster it is, up to a point. Memory is measured in gigabytes GB. On both desktops and laptops 8GB has become common, with 16GB or more found on higher-end devices. Unless you regularly have multiple large apps open at the same time, 8GB should be your target.

Operating System Windows 10 should be easy to use for anyone who has used a previous version of Windows. Microsoft releases several Windows 10 updates free throughout the year, adding additional features, fixing bugs, etc.

Macs can be a little more expensive than comparable PCs, but they're less prone to most viruses and spyware in part because there are more Windows PCs out there than Macs, making them a bigger target for hackers , and Apple's support has been tops in our surveys.

The company's phone support is free for only 90 days, but you can get unlimited technical support through the Genius Bar at any Apple Store, though you should check ahead to make sure your local store is open and offering support.

The latest version of macOS is called Big Sur and was released in the fall of Apple also releases several macOS updates free throughout the year.

Graphics Adapter and Graphics Memory Also known as the video card, graphics processing unit GPU , or graphics card, this hardware is responsible for drawing what you see on your screen.

Graphics processing comes in two basic flavors: It can either be integrated into the same chip that's running the rest of the computer or it can run on a discrete piece of equipment.

Most computers have integrated graphics. This has usually been the less expensive and lower-performing option—fine for most tasks but not for serious gaming. Light video editing and gaming and all other typical computer tasks will do fine with integrated graphics.

They are also the single largest performance boost you can give a computer over an identical computer with a hard drive. Hard Drives Also known as a hard disk, this type of drive uses a spinning hard disk and uses more power than a solid-state drive. It is also slower overall. Hard-drive sizes are measured in gigabytes and terabytes, and commonly range from GB to more than 1TB. Speed is equally important and is measured in rpm revolutions per minute. A slow hard drive will take longer to start up the OS and programs, and complete tasks such as installing programs or scanning your hard drive for viruses.

For best performance, get a desktop with at least a 7,rpm hard drive or a laptop with a 5,rpm hard drive. Optical Drives A few laptops today ship with an optical drive, which saves weight and cost. The Battery When not plugged into a wall outlet, laptops use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for power.

Laptops go into sleep mode when used intermittently, extending the time between charges. You can lengthen battery life if you dim the display, turn off WiFi connectivity when it's not needed, and use only basic applications. Although most computers come with a basic, predefined set of features, that doesn't mean you don't have choices. Use this guide to help wade through your options.

For more, check our computer ratings available to CR members. Screen sizes measured diagonally generally range from 15 to 24 inches, but you can find larger ones. The most common sizes are 19 and 20 inches. Most are wide-screen, which fit wide-screen movies better but give you less screen area per inch. Those who plan to edit photos or videos should note differences in color, viewing angle, contrast, and brightness.

Monitors are often less expensive when bundled with a new computer. A to inch display should suit most people. Displays that are 13, 14, and 17 inches are also common, and some manufacturers are also offering inch laptops.

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