What country is malta located in

what country is malta located in

Where is Malta the country located?

Apr 08,  · Malta, island country located in the central Mediterranean Sea with a close historical and cultural connection to both Europe and North Africa, lying some 58 miles (93 km) south of Sicily and miles ( km) from either Libya or Tunisia. The island achieved independence from British rule in The island of Malta is a small independent nation state that is located in the centre of the Mediterranean in Europe and is the EU’s smallest member state. Looking at the map of Europe, Malta lies just 93 km (58 miles) South of Sicily (Italy) in Southern Europe and roughly km ( miles) North from the North African coast. Malta is an island nation that consists of three islands: main island Malta, Gozo and .

Malta is a group of tiny islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, closer to Europe than to Africa. For those looking for an enjoyable nightlife scene, the resort town of St.

Julians is a wonderful location to sunbathe in the day and enjoy dancing, dining and fine wine at night. Valletta is the capital of Malta and offers amazing architecture at every turn. A Mediterranean island with temples that pre-date the Egyptian pyramids On English-speaking islands you can enjoy island life with some of the familiarity of home. Visit or relocate to any When visiting a new country, we usually tend to favor traveling during the summer months—peak tourist season.

But is it terrible to visit a country during off season? Mostly, it has hot and dry summers and cool, wet winters. In the north it tends to get colder and some Map of Malta. Send My Free Report. Where is Malta Located? Northern Region — This region is the northwestern part of the main island.

Southeastern Region — as the name implies this area is the southeastern part of the main island. Southern Region — This is the southern part of the main island. Gozo Region — This region includes the islands of Gozo, Comino and several small islets. More Resources From Malta. Valletta, Malta. Gozo, Malta. Malta Economy. Malta Bookstore.

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The Facts Of Malta

Malta is a set of islands, a European country, located between Sicily and Tunisia. Often confused to be an Italian island, in fact, Malta is a Republic. Malta is composed by the 3 major islands, the island of Malta, the Island of Gozo and the island of Comino. There are other smaller islands such as Filfla, St. Paul Islands and Cominotto. Where is Malta Located? Malta is a group of tiny islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, closer to Europe than to Africa. It’s a Mediterranean beach paradise with a lot to offer visitors in spite of its small size. Malta is divided into five regions;Author: Live And Invest Overseas. Feb 15,  · Where is Malta located? A question asked by many as it is a known fact that Malta is still a relatively well kept secret! Our island is in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and is the southernmost European country. We are halfway between Gibraltar and .

Malta is an island archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and is located in Southern Europe. It is surrounded by Italy to its north and Libya to its south. The capital of Malta is Valletta, which is the smallest capital city in the European Union. The largest city in the country is Birkirkara. The national language of Malta is Maltese, while English is the country's official language.

Malta is part of the Eurozone, and therefore the official currency is the euro. Europe, which is located in the Northern Hemisphere, is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Arctic Sea to the north. Politically, Europe is divided into fifty states, of which Russia is the largest. Europe is commonly considered the home of Western Civilization.

However, Europe was also responsible for the two world wars, as well as the rise of slavery and colonialism. Malta was first inhabited around BC when settlers arrived from the island of Sicily. Control of the island shifted from the Romans to the Byzantines, and then to the Aghalabids, who were deposed by the Normans in In , as part of the Treaty of Paris, Malta became a British colony.

The islands gained independence from the British on September 21, Malta lies 8 kilometers south of Sicily, across the Malta Channel. While most of country's islands are uninhabited, the largest ones, Malta, Gozo, and Comino, are inhabited. Malta has no lakes, although several rivers run through the country.

Given its Mediterranean climate, the country has mild winters and hot summers. The capital, Valetta, experiences the warmest winters of any capital city in Europe, with average temperatures between 15 and 16 degrees Celsius in the daytime, and temperatures between 9 and 10 degrees Celcius at night. According to the census, Malta has a population of , people, the majority of whom are native Maltese.

There is a substantial British population on the islands, especially retirees. Women slightly outnumber men, making up Maltese is both a national and official language of the country, while English is also an official language. A loophole in the constitution provides for the addition of Italian as an official language at a later date. Valletta is the capital of Malta. Nigel Amaya January 5 in World Facts.

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