What does blow my whistle mean flo rida

what does blow my whistle mean flo rida

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its a song about love and addicition to netball as it refers to a whistle which is commonly blown during the game netball. if you disagree i will fidn you. May 10,  · My whistle ready to blow You see, he's ready the instant a game of netball breaks out, anywhere. That's the sign of a true umpire, one whose ready to officiate the game at the drop of a hat. That's Flo Rida baby, whistle man extraordinaire!Author: Almigo.

Lyrics submitted by GirlyEmmie. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Lyrics Artists add. Whistle Flo Rida 13 Comments 0 Tags. Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby Let me know Girl I'm gonna show you how to do it And we start real slow You just put your lips together And you come real close Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby Here we go Look, I'm bettin' you like people And I'm bettin' you love freak mode And I'm bettin' you like girls That give love to girls and stroke your little ego I bet you I'm guilty, your honor That's just how we live in my genre Who in the hell done paved the road wider?

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Whistle song meanings. Add Your Thoughts 13 Comments. General Comment okay, so i'm just saying it plain There was an error. It is actually because he is a professional netball umpire. In the song he is teaching how to referee a netball game using a sports whistle.

Nothing inappropriate with this song. General Comment lol. No Replies Log in to reply. My Interpretation Basically "Hey girl, suck my dick. C'mon I'll show you how! General Comment Not exactly the most What does blow my whistle mean flo rida s the song is about his love for training netball.

General Comment its about a bj, that simple spockernation on April 20, Link. General Comment In vernacular parlance, "whistle" refers to one's penis, and to "blow" said whistle means to perform oral sex. Flo Rida uses his knowledge of wordplay to skillfully render this inappropriate act as a auditory euphemism by literally whistling.

Thus to the innocent or untrained ear the song is about whistling a tune, whereas to a more mature audience it is a celebration of oral sex. Yugosusu on October 25, Link. General Comment All i can say is at least it isn't as bad as blurred lines!

The song actually sounds alright and i am a fan of flo rida, but this song is so messoganistic that it feels as if it is the lyrical translation of a pitbull reference this coming from a guy Bendubz on March 14, Link.

General Comment do we really need to explain it? If you are older than 12 you know what this means-Go girl you can work it Let me see your whistle while you work it I'ma lay it back, don't stop it Cause I love it how you drop it, drop it, drop it, on me Now, shorty let that whistle blow Yeah, baby let that whistle blow flippysnow on August 09, Link. My Interpretation Where do I begin, I believe this song how to prepare pomfret fish fry talking about sex, or blow jobs.

I believe its talking about rolling a bowl, and for those of y'all who what does blow my whistle mean flo rida know what what does blow my whistle mean flo rida means, then you need to read over this comment and ask someone else.

I just wanted to put my two cents in, because all of you people are clearly brain dead about whats going on in the community around you. How to make a slime bath a good day. Brought to you by TTU. MoneyMade69 who the fuck "rolls a bowl" you ignorant fuck its pack a bowl baily on May 21, Artists - F. Rate These Lyrics. We do not have any tags for Whistle lyrics.

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May 10,  · the song "whistle" by flo rida meaning? some people online said it has a sexual meaning. i know that the lyrics of the song sounds dirty "blow my whistle" im guessing he means a bj right? im just wondering please no rude comments. General CommentIn vernacular parlance, "whistle" refers to one's penis, and to "blow" said whistle means to perform oral sex. Flo Rida uses his knowledge of wordplay to skillfully render this inappropriate act as a auditory euphemism by literally whistling.3/5(10). May 31,  · "Whistle" isn't the first time Flo employed such dual meanings. On his #1 Billboard Hot single "Right Round" he didn't leave much to the imagination, singing, "You spin my head right.

Language please, young children may be looking at this site. Its abou tboth but oral makes wayyyy more sense! Think about it. Wow, love the feedback guys. But when I last had drinks with Flo Rida before I went to Hugh Hefners th birthday party, he admitted to me that it was definately about netball. His favorite netball is called Gary. Even though people have said we have a dirty mind, it's obviously about some person giving him a blowy :p Use you brain :.

Bwahaha, the amount of clowns who have taken this seriously is hilarious! Top job bloke, you've proved the internet is truly full of dickheads.. Thanks mate - it's quite amusing how many people take what they read on the internet for granted and immediately get into a huff about it without any thought about it's validity ; Although I might have to get rid of this Anonymous option as it looks like there's one person here whose arguing back and forth about the songs real meaning.

Once again, appreciate the feedback guys - especially those who pointed out how wrong I was before realizing or not the article was satirical - ha, like it was EVER about oral sex! Please, get your mind out of the gutter ;. Right, all fixed. Now back to telling me how enlightened you now all feel since you discovered this song was about Netball. Wow, you've been looking way too hard into this song.

A song about netball has never been so scrutinised so thoroughly! If it is about net ball then why their official video doesn't show anything of it! It's a scientific fact. Man I wish this were a reality, this was well written and entertaining. It would also make more sense if Flo Rida had gone to a Florida post-secondary school instead of University of Nevada.

You're welcome anytime :D. Right now I'm in a very conservative Caucasian region, and a folk from here plays it really loud every day. Now, at least if one day his parents ask me what the song all the neighborhood hears every day is about, I have found what to say to save his honor.

I'm sure he'll thank you and netball later. By the amount of times I've heard this song, Flo Rida thanks the netball community daily. Thanks for dropping by Sonia! You might not have been looking closely enough JJG but he actually winks at the camera when he explains everything.

It's a subtle nod to the facts about Netball. Only those wise enough to realise it see the wink. We're onto you Mr Rida ;. I'm starting to see a trend of people singing up to Blogger just so they can comment here. No need to thank me Blogger, all in a days work ;. Rock, Paper, Scissor - the book. Good story about Netball though.

I wonder if anyone fell for it? Surely they aren't too many people out there that gullible. Terryd - this is the wild wild west of the internet It's not about Netball. Listen to his own explanation. It's about "getting his attention. Well actually.. Like he's getting everyone's attention by whistling? I dunno.

I know it's about Netball and all but what does the lines "I'm betting you like girls that give love to girls" and "Cause I love it how you drop it on me" about? How does that relate to Netball again? And explain how the song Right Round is also about because people says it's about strippers.. So LOST. Easy questions there Angela - allow me to respond: "I'm betting you like girls that give love to girls" - now what coach doesn't like female netball players who give other female netball players high fives and hugs for incredible plays and sportsmanship?

That's team spirit! Right round - 'throwing' a netball right around. It goes all over the court! Hey Angela, the song Right Round had its origins in the 80's when it was sung by a band called Dead or Alive. Honestly the song wasn't dirty or anything, it was quite nice Oh well, enjoy that blissful ignorance :D. I knew it wasn't about something nasty. It was about whistling! Now I know the truth so I am no longer disappointed..

Why in the world is the music video of Whistle all full of girls? You know I didn't see anything related to netball! Only whistling, women, and cliffs. Why didn't it fully show that? Now I'm confused??? I'm going to convince myself that it is about netball just so I don't feel so bad when I catch myself accidentally singing it in the car You should never feel bad about singing about netball. Flo Rida sure doesn't c:. It says quote "I bet you love girls who give love to girls and stroke your little ego" unquote if you can explain how that is about net ball please enlighten me.

But if you can't then it isn't about net ball and it is about a bj. Whoo whoo, its the fun police! Better stop trying to convince the world it's about anything but fellatio! I'll stop when this world does. As for your question, already answered in the comments. Turn your fun police siren off and take a look c;. This is getting sad man :D Maybe it's time to hint the obvious sarcasm in this post :D.

This song is not about no dang netball. It's disgusting and for them to allow this on the radio is appalling. People stop being so gullible they only lie so that they don't get it band. The beastie boys got band way back when for their lyrics and this song is right up there with them. Band is a group of musicians. We think the word you're looking for is 'banned'. And last I checked, the Beastie Boys haven't been banned for anything so I'm not sure why you're ripping into the poor Beasties for Just to show you how people are gulible when it comes to internet information.

I can't believe it went this far and never in a million year I would have thought anybody would buy into any of that, blow my whstle a song about netball?! And people really get into that, buy that story and move on to the next level of naivity?! If you swallow a fish that big anything can be digested then I don't get what you're saying here..

I'm not saying "whistle" isn't but you seem a little obsessed with the whole netball thing. Hey just because the original song wasn't about Netball, it doesn't mean Flo Rida's version isn't a tribute to the sport.. Is this an American blog site? As someone who used to play team basketball netball, whatever , and familiar with vulgar American slang because I live here and hear how vulgar idiots speak now and then No way.

If an umpire or coach told my daughter during basketball practice to come blow his whistle I'd beat the shit out of him and have his ass thrown in jail. At best, its a clean way of saying "come give me a blow job" on mainstream radio and make some nice cash. Nice try. Catchy tune, crazy inappropriate on the mainstream airway. Look at all the lyrics, all of them, not just the one line.

Something else to consider Learn the rules of a team sport, know when to make calls, but how to BLOW a whistle? Come on.

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