What does hey stranger mean

what does hey stranger mean

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Apr 08,  · hey PSA: being vaccinated does NOT mean you can invite all of your friends for a drunken drive through the hills, during which you hit a stranger . Feb 23,  · What does "being caught in 4k" mean on TikTok? Cardi B may have started gaining popularity in the hip-hop community at a pretty young age and she is no stranger to social media: She's got a whopping million fans on her TikTok account, not to mention a .

If you've often been confused what does plastic surgery cost modern slang, then welcome to the wonderful world of lame what are the differences between vascular and nonvascular plants, where unfamiliar terms will not only escape you but make you angry once you discern their once-hidden what does hey stranger mean. The worst part about most of these slang terms is that the "mysteries" behind what they truly mean are often disappointing and not-so-clever.

Yet here we are, answering the question: What does 4k mean on TikTok? Cardi B may have started gaining popularity in the hip-hop community at a pretty young age and she is no stranger to social media: She's got a whopping 8. The Manhattan-born, Bronx-raised what does hey stranger mean is still meaj of the hottest artists in popular music and she often collaborates with other mesn creatives who also have the winds at their backs.

But that doesn't mean she's privy to all of the lingo that youngins are using on social media platforms, like "4K" on TikTok? She asked on Twitter, "Please don't make fun of meab guys or Straner will have a very depressing lonely night but what eoes 4K means?

Many people, including tech enthusiast and YouTuber Marques Brownlee, chimed in to explain to Cardi the technical definition of what 4K is: "OK so hear me out. It's a measure of how many pixels wide a music video is. Digital television and digital cinematography commonly use several different 4K resolutions.

WTF fyp caughtin4k foryoupage xyzbca groupchat kids jokes. Sure, most modern TV sets can display 4K resolution media, and some smartphones feature 4K display screens, but the pixel density mfan a smartphone makes this kind of display a bit pointless as the screens are relatively small. The ability for a phone's camera to record in 4K is actually what does hey stranger mean huge boon to anyone who takes a lot of video with their mobile device — but they're not uploading those videos to TikTok with that resolution.

Yes, furthering the tradition of creating shorthand slang that has the exact number of syllables as the phrase it's trying hsy replace but being infinitely more difficult in order to whaf like "cap" for "lie""caught in 4K" means that someone was caught doing something without a shadow of a doubt, 4K being a super dtranger for the capture of said crime.

Hopefully this trend goes away as quickly as it started, unless you're particularly fond of referencing pixel density in your colloquialisms. Distractify is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

But "caught in 4K" on TikTok literally just means "caught red-handed."

It is an another way of depicting a smile.:) - smile ;) - winking smile:D - tounge out:?X - mouth shut: P You can access different types of them by using the google keyboard. Thank you for Reading! Jaine Apr 08 pm I meant to comment here instead of on Stranger 1. I tried to say that the story does weave through to 2 from 1. But like Grace and others who commented here, not as well liked. I think 2 is more complicated with dialogue that I can’t fully grasp. I assume it is a social commentary on the divide of prosecution and. It means, as Ali has said, to notify somebody of something, often as a warning or a piece of helpful advice. If you have started a new job, somebody might say: "Hey John, just a heads-up the boss usually takes a walk around the office about 3 o'.

Richard Hale is a published author who enjoys writing on business, culture, traveling, technology, and symbolism. A dream about kissing someone can mean different things depending upon who you are kissing in the dream and where on their body. Kissing is a common dream theme because kissing is a big part of life. We kiss our partners, our close relatives, and our children. In some parts of the world, it is customary to kiss friends both old and new.

Kissing has been a longtime symbol of passion, desire, love, and friendship. Kisses themselves are powerful in most cultures. They appear as magic and life-giving in fairy tales. Think of how much a simple kiss meant to Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.

For the frog prince, a kiss broke the spell. When it comes to kissing dreams, there are several different variations. For example, you may have a dream about kissing your mom, an ex, or someone's hand. These dreams each have different meanings. If you dream of kissing a specific person, this can symbolize several different things.

It depends upon who it was. A kiss on the lips is usually a sign of affection. The question is, do you feel affection for the person you kissed in the dream? Or for someone else? Kisses on the lips are very often interpreted as a form of spiritual communication. They can be thought of as a way of securing an agreement. Consider your current relationships, either with the person you kissed or with others, and whether you are entering a new phase in any of them.

Perhaps your dream represents your desire to "seal the deal" in some way. A dream about a kiss can symbolize passion, desire, deceit, respect, loyalty, and many other feelings.

The only way to know for sure what your dream means is to ask yourself: How did I feel when I had the dream? How did I feel in the dream? Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst who made a study of dreams and the unconscious, argued that dreams were a form of repressed desire.

His theory was that the emotions that we repress in our waking lives bubble up in dreams. Another dream researcher, Dr. Ernest Hartmann, found that the central image of the dream in this case, a kiss is directly related to an underlying emotion. In my dream we are in the swimming pool and we are having fun together with her siblings, and then we kiss and ran away to them have some private time together.

I think I like him;. I always wanted help from a REAL website with this dream. If anyone reads this please give me advice and plaese don't laugh, I USED to have a crush there is no more spark now. Anyway here is the dream, we were in a baby blue room with no door, and he took my hand and pulled me closer and leaned in and kissed me on the foredhead and said I thought you needed that. Advice would be appreciated. BTW barely a teenager.

So i was dreaming about my best friend, i mean we've been friends for YEARS, anyways she was like we should jump off this high ledge into that pool, and for some reason i was like okay!!! Anyways so we jumped in and we were able to hold our breath for incredibly long and see under water clearly, which was weird, i mean my friend even is afraid of the water after almost drowning last year, anywho so i saw her and swam up to her, still underwater, and she looked at me, smiled then kissed me, and then i woke up, and my lips felt tingly, and i was hopeful it was real In my case I kissed a friend not a close friend just a friend but the way we kissed does not seem like I was showing respect.

I dreamt about being deep in love with someone I knew in the dream but not real life, and all my friends were there, and my dad was there, and this person and I kissed many times on the lips. I had a dream of kissing a stranger and he was in love with me but I felt no attraction trods him so I kissed him on the cheek to be nice.

I am still young and dreaming about this wow. In my cases , it happen seldomly but I can still remember each details that happen in my dream. In my dreams , I feel really comfortable and I think I observed someone from far away at the beach and suddenly I feel drowsy and I go back to my home. I welcome him with a warm smile and then it skip to where I feel asleep and then I feel someone kiss me in my sleep in dream.

I can still feel the presence of his lips linger around me. Is it weird for me yearning or searching for that someone to kiss me again? I have been single for a lifetime now.

I had a dream of a guy I have never seen this person ever visiting my home and staying over for a few days, when he and I connect. There is obvious chemistry and attraction, and while having a conversation I have no recall of what the conversation about he bends forward to kiss me, but it isn't a lip to lip kiss or a peck. His lips brush against mine for a second and my parents entered the room, not realizing the scene.

As we were approaching the statue of the boy he looked around my age. My aunt and my cousins gave the boy a kiss and a thank you to him. After that I said thank you and moved on. Everyone went running and some went to go hide. We went again to the statue and the mother of the boy which was the statue said that his name was melissa. We gave our kiss and said our thank you.

I went up to it and out of no where the human body hugged me? I am quite young and I dreamed that there was this new guy in school and somehow we were sitting together in a garden with no people in it and I remember him looking into my eyes and he kissed me. I'm always unable to recall my dreams but I'm sometimes able to remember bits and pieces from the dream. My dream last night was a rollercoaster and I remembered that I witnessed two deaths.

One was of a random girl who died from some weird looking machinery and the other was my best friend who died from getting shot and her face was entirely removed.

It might be because I've been watching Criminal Minds recently though. And then it somehow transitioned to me hanging out with a bunch of friends that I didn't recognize and I can't remember their faces now and there were butterflies involved but I cant remember how they were involved.

And then one of the friends, a very cute guy I might add with nice teeth? At first, I remember feeling like I was cheating on someone but I didn't have a boyfriend in the dream or irl and then I gave in and basically made out with him. I think we might have started dating in the dream but I can't remember.

Lol I think this was the only time where someone kissed me in a dream and I actually liked it. My dreams are always like fever dreams haha. I dream I'm walking with my boyfriend and we kiss lips to lips and I really felt that kiss but we stop because we are in the street. I don't even remember how he looks like he looks like all I remember he's tall. I have boyfriend in real life but in the dream is not exactly he is is weird.

Actually I alway dream with a guy but when I wake up I don't remember how they looks like. I had a dream where I was supposedly in another dimension with my two female friends. I know it was them though. Anyways, today was they day we were going to go back home. Before with left, I took out a small rainbow striped box and took out a ball I had sewn. It was pretty cool. I wish I could describe it. But this entire dream sequence is hard Ron describe.

The door needed your full body in to transport you. One of the friends went in, and disappeared. Then it was my turn. I went in, and then my other friend grabbed my hand the only part out of the portal. I was so surprised but I kinda liked it.

Than we were all back on earth and we just blushed at each other. When I woke up, I kinda I had a dream, that i was in another world but a world where i dreamt about before. There was a guy strong and healthy and took care of me until i grew up. Then we went somewhere together with our friends.

The place we went put us in danger and he was about to die. Before he did he kissed me on the lips and dissolved like he was air. I felt in pain as if i lost someone so close to me but i I didn't know who he was at all. When i woke up i started crying and my body aching. My group of friends are hella special to me and I love them so so much.

I was shocked and confused but my heart beat was beating so fast then I kissed her back it went from a normal kiss to a French kiss then while we were kissing my left hand was on her cheek and my right hand slowly grabbing her collar, I then started to kiss her neck..

I had a dream last night that I was in a apartment building and I hung out with a group of friends. After we were climbing around and almost falling, we went into their apartment and the two friends left the apartment making me and the leader alone. The leader was this asian looking girl and she seemed to know me for some reason.

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