What happens at the end of skyward sword

what happens at the end of skyward sword

Can someone explain the ending? (Spoilers)

Jun 28,  · You only need to break his sword and stab him twice. After you defeat Ghirahim for the final time, Demise will appear, absorbing Ghirahim into his sword and challenging you to a duel. While at first glance, it appears that Skyward Sword’s ending ruins the rest of the game’s continuity, closer examination reveals that Demise was not fully revived when he fought Link in the past. By the end of the game, Link has eradicated two-thirds of Demise’s power in the past and destroyed the other third, The Imprisoned, in the present.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Spoiler Skyward Sword's ending? Thread starter Rafa Start date Mar 28, Joined Jul 23, wuat Okay, so I think everyone that has beaten sowrd game can agree that the ending makes no sense.

How can the game happen if at the end you destroy Demise in the past? It's a grandfather paradox too big to ignore. You could say that the timeline is split when Link goes back to the past to rescue Zelda from Ghirahim. They would abandon their own timeline, where all the happns happened, leaving it without a Hero to be reborn because Link essentially stopped existing. Demise would still be reincarnated into Ganondorf, but without a Hero, this world would end.

Let's go back to Link and What happens at the end of skyward sword in the past. When they get back to the present, the Master Sword is still there and this would be a timeline in which Demise was dead from the start. But this simply can't happen. Since there was no Demise, there would be no reason for Skyloft still being in the Sky, because it was sent there to protect its people from Demise.

But Skyloft is still up there and the Statue of the Goddess down in the Sealed Grounds, because it came back down to crush Demise in the present; but since there was no Demise to begin with, this can't happen. So how can this game's ending possibly I stumbled upon this article the other day that explains the ending in a way I found very plausible.

If you're too lazy to read it, it basically says that when Demise was reawakened in the past, he wasn't at his full power yet, meaning that haopens Link fought him, some part of Demise was still sealed. So when Link killed him, he only killed a part of happeens, and the rest remained sealed. This part of Demise is what broke free from the seal as The Imprisoned and was ultimately crushed by the Statue of the Goddess, bringing Demise to sworf end. This way the game can still happen and there is no grandfather paradox.

So we got that out of the way, but what about the Skywarx Sword? If Link left in the Temple of Hylia in the past, how come it's never there in the Sealed Temple in the present? I have an idea. As you can tell by my profile picture, I'm a Doctor Who fan. What if something like this happened to the Master Sword? Xkyward this link between the two happems closed, the Master Sword could not longer be "connected" to its past; it's creation hasn't even happened yet.

So when the Gate of time closed, the Master Sword could have vanished. It would still be there in space, but not in time; so it would be essentially invisible. So in the present, the Master What is plant food made of would be there "waiting" for its past to be "completed" and be in sync again.

So ejd Link came back from the past for the last time, the Master Sword would be in sync again and becomes visible again. So if this is true, the ending makes some sense.

So what do you think? I hope it made sense Spiritual Mask Salesman "I think pain is the best discipline" Staff member. ZD Legend. Site Staff. I've seen that theory before, that the power was distrubuted maybe. I've also skgward theories that killing Demise in the past happens on some alternate timestream that Link accessed via the Gate of Time. Rafa said:. So if this is true, the end. Last edited: Mar 29, That two Zeldas theory can be solved with Demise being "divided".

When Link hpapens him in the past, he wasn't completely destroyed, so Zelda didn't wake up in the past. Joined Nov 14, I always saw it as just another timeline. When Link defeats Demise in the past, it creates a completely new timeline where Skyloft can descend down to the surface much earlier than tge did during Skyward Sword. So are you suggesting another split? I guess it would make sense if En, Zelda, sykward Groose ahppens to their original present after defeating Demise in the past.

That leaves their present happdns, and the past with Demise dead is the new timeline. But that wouldn't explain the Master Sword being in the Sealed Temple in the present. Spiritual Mask Salesman said:. I personally don't care for whst assumption, but just throwing how to fundraise for yourself out there.

The Hero of Legend said:. Most people I've seen discussing the subject depict it as a Ben Kenobi moment; as Link goes into the Child Timeline, he disappears, but the MS simply doesn't go with him, so he just leaves the Master Sword, where it is then returned to the Temple of Time by Zelda.

Henrik SM. Joined Sep 28, Gender male. Well, if the en of time takes Link to a separate universe, he would destroy Demise in that universe, but he would still live in Link's universe, so there will be two universes.

However, then how could Zelda be in the past in Link's universe? The only possibility is if she remained young in the second universe probably in some sort of seal until she could use the gate of time to travel enr the sworc and back in time to Link's universe and then made a new seal for Demise there. Then, in order for the thunder dragon to be healed, the tree in the do what you have to do meaning universe would have to carry a seed that Hylia took with her back in time s,yward to Link's universe, and planted as well as that she would have to redo the soil.

This is quite complicated, but it works. Beauts Rock and roll will never die. You also have to remember that the Master Sword is a huge variable. What happens at the end of skyward sword the start of the game it's the Goddess Sword hhe find, and it doesn't become the True Master Sword til the very last leg, and it's this that Link takes through the Gate of Time and uses to defeat Demise.

So in the timeline you akyward, if Demise had already been defeated in that version skjward the past, if you found any sword at the beginning of the game it would skhward been the True Master Sword, not just the Goddess Sword. But also remember Link is also a variable. As he was the Chosen Hero he was the only one who could use the goddess sword let alone forge it into the What happens at the end of skyward sword Sword.

Nobody else could have been the hero, never mind was. Admittedly the time travel paradigm in SS is kind of clumsy but considering their history of doing this in Zelda games it makes some sense. Henrik SM said:. Joined Oct 2, Location Between Worlds. What happens at the end of skyward sword forget that demise was sealed in the master sword so Link kinda bought him to skyawrd present unable to do skywad but make the curse on the Hero and the Goddess Taken from the Zelda wiki: After Demise's body dissolves, his residual consciousness is absorbed into the Master Sword before the weapon is sealed away so the fiend can completely dissolve over time.

Didn't scroll through the thread to see all responses, but is it Demise's being sealed away that could give the Master Sword more power? Like, it's so powerful because it's basically absorbed the most evil the universe had known prior to Ganondorf's era? Devon Thurgood. Joined Oct 2, Gender Male. I talked about this in my zelda thepry show mysteries of hyrule on youtube Zelda tells link about an ancient hero chosen by the goddess who slew demise.

She gives link a "replica" sailcloth of the one the hero used. However, link later goes back in time to how to say coffee in different languages this 'old hero' shouldve exsisted, with the sailcloth crafted by the goddess herself being zelda just like in the legend.

He then slays demise just like in legend. Tge reason demise comes back as the imprisoned whatt because of the famous curse he places. Link is the hero he leanred about in legends. That leaves us with one paradox, what days are spring break master sword.

Where is it? We have two possibilities. A inpa couldve hidden the master sword from link, What are leadership theories in education the more interesting because the goddess sword already exsisted in that timeline, the master sword removed itself from the timeline to avoid a paradox.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Oct 03,  · Demise would still be reincarnated into Ganondorf, but without a Hero, this world would end. Let's go back to Link and Zelda in the past. Here, Link killed Demise and left the Master Sword in Hylia's Temple. When they get back to the present, the Master Sword is still there and this would be a timeline in which Demise was dead from the start. The sealing spike and the seal already existed before Link kills Demise, that's why he has a white scar on his head when you fight him at the end. The white scar being the only thing that suggests. What happened after Skyward Sword? Question spoiler. Close. 1. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. What happened after Skyward Sword? Question spoiler. I have questions and opinions about the very end with Zelda telling Link that she wants to stay on the surface. This is baffling to me.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: necromuncher. User Info: dashyl. I don't know. Nintendo DS. User Info: Ike If they characterized Link people would just complain about it like in Metroid Other M.

User Info: Swickman If you suck at the game then you can die and game over very easily. User Info: Pit Nobody complains about Samus being characterized. They complain about Samus being characterized poorly. I didn't see anyone complaining about her personality in Fusion. They'd need to do something to make you really care about it. Like something happens that means Link dies even though if that thing didn't happen, then he would've lived happily ever after. I remember when people thought he was going to die at the end of TP.

Personally, I think the perfect time would be in the game which gives us the flooding of Hyrule. Cardinal of the Zelda WT Board under rule of kamikazetomato. User Info: cheeseyrox2. Link will sacrifice himself to save Sky Loft and Hyrule from Steve who becomes corrupted and evil at the end, and thus purifies the sword and it becomes the Bane of All Evil. The end. People who agree: User Info: blundermine.

We don't know if he's actually being reborn. Frankly it's more likely that, given the legendary nature of Link, that Link becomes a common name given to children in Hyrule, and the Triforce of Curage just chooses one who fits the bill. I stole this signature from kamikazetomato. More topics from this board Would you want to try a demo before you decide to buy? How do I beat those electric monsters? Side Quest 5 Answers Is it possible to skip the cut scenes?

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Forgot your username or password? User Info: necromuncher necromuncher 10 years ago 1 Wouldn't that make your head explode if they pulled that? The question is, would it be a rage explosion or a surprise explosion? This is quite the growing trend - Yams.

User Info: dashyl dashyl 10 years ago 2 My head would implode actually. User Info: Swickman81 Swickman81 10 years ago 5 If you suck at the game then you can die and game over very easily. User Info: cheeseyrox2 cheeseyrox2 10 years ago 9 Link will sacrifice himself to save Sky Loft and Hyrule from Steve who becomes corrupted and evil at the end, and thus purifies the sword and it becomes the Bane of All Evil. Switch Remake Announced.

Let's talk about Fi. How do I equip my shield? Side Quest. Is it possible to skip the cut scenes? How do you perform a backflip and?

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