What is the meaning of wary

what is the meaning of wary


Definition of wary: marked by keen caution, cunning, and watchfulness especially in detecting and escaping danger Other Words from wary Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More about wary Other Words from wary. watchful; being on one's guard against danger. arising from or characterized by caution: to give someone a wary look.

Related to wary: Learysuavity. On guard; watchful: taught to be wary of what is the meaning of wary. Characterized by caution: a wary glance at the black clouds. All rights reserved. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Cardozo; "vigilant and distrustful superintendence"- Thomas Jefferson.

Based on WordNet 3. Vigilantly attentive: alertobservantopen-eyedvigilantwakefulwatchfulwide-awake. Idiom: on the ball. Trying attentively to avoid danger, risk, or error: carefulcautiouscharywhat is the meaning of waryforehandedgingerlyprudent. Be wary of lending money to him.

Mentioned in? References in classic literature? Vanderburgh made up by activity and intelligence for his ignorance of the country; was always waryalways on the alert; discovered every movement of his rivals, however secret and was not to be eluded or misled. View in context. Therefore theism did never perturb states; for it makes men wary of themselves, as looking no further: and we see the times inclined to atheism as the time of Augustus Caesar were civil times.

A low murmur, but one that was clearly indicative of dissatisfaction, passed among the attentive listeners, and served to inform the old man that he had not been sufficiently wary in proposing a measure that he intended should notify the travellers in the brake of the presence of their dangerous neighbours. When serenely advancing on one of these journeys, if any strange suspicious sights are seen, my lord whale keeps a wary eye what is the meaning of wary his interesting family.

Nicholas understood that something must have happened between Sonya and Dolokhov before dinner, and with the kindly sensitiveness natural to him was very gentle and wary with them both at dinner. And, looking at his strong, agile, assiduously careful and needlessly wary movements, the mother felt her mind at rest, and smiled gaily and approvingly as she watched him. He groped along as stealthily, with as cautious a tread, and as wary an outlook, as a thief what doses does viagra come in a chamber where a man lies only half asleep -- or, it may be, broad awake -- with purpose to steal the very treasure which this man guards as the apple of his eye.

Just for a moment or two they wrestled playfully, until the scent of Sheeta, the panther, brought them to their feet, alert and wary. The great cat was passing through the jungle in front of them. He had come out of the desert country to the east into a land of plenty but though he was young and strong, the wary grass-eaters had managed to elude his mighty talons each time he had thought to make a kill.

An unequal fight it seemed to most; but there were a few, and they the most experienced, who saw something in the youth's steady gray eye and wary step which left the issue open to doubt. Dictionary browser? Full browser?

Definitions of WARY

careful because you do not completely trust someone or something or are not certain about what you should do: Teachers are often wary of standardized tests. (Definition of wary from the . adj. war·i·er, war·i·est 1. On guard; watchful: taught to be wary of strangers. 2. Careful or cautious of danger; as, a wary foe; marked by caution. Warily. Warier. Wariest. - The Winston Simplified Dictionary By William Dodge Lewis, Edgar Arthur Singer.

Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. Breaking the ice and throwing caution to the wind Weather idioms, Part 3.

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The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. C2 not completely trusting or certain about something or someone:. Synonyms cautious. Opposite unwary.

All authors need to be wary of inadvertent copying of other people's ideas. The legal system is full of snares for those who are not wary. Tourists should be wary, as pickpockets are known to operate in this area.

Buyers should be wary of hidden costs when purchasing their holiday. The teacher was wary of giving his pupils too much information at once. Cautious and vigilant. Want to learn more? Related words warily. Teachers are often wary of standardized tests. Examples of wary. Both studied cervids are wary , secretive and solitary animals. From the Cambridge English Corpus.

The military is wary of the religious public infringing on its turf. Although we are wary of the term "emergence," it crops up in the titles of two commentaries and in the text of a third. Meanwhile, future modeling work should fully exploit the richness of reading eye movements and be wary of the limitations of aggregated data. Currently, decision makers may be wary of cost-effectiveness data or economic modeling presented by the pharmaceutical industry in support of new products.

Historians of ideas are wary about the concept of diffusion, especially of diffusion across national borders. He is wary of drawing any large conclusions from what he informs the reader has been twenty years of collecting seasonal artefacts and information. They were generally wary of the emotive language of nationhood, emphasizing instead the importance of democratic, liberal, and civic values based on reason.

The electoral culture inherited by the revolutionaries made no provision for declared candidates and contemporaries were equally wary of canvassing for votes.

Also, a more rounded view of privacy would also be wary of assuming that surveillance necessarily leads to totalitarian systems of control. People with assets to lose were wary about moving too many of them on to the newly occupied areas. These citizens are also extremely wary of truly contested discussions, those that both admit and seriously examine different viewpoints. Communities become wary of the stranger in a crime-ridden society and non-state policing is the method chosen by many for securing exclusion.

Sequence stratigraphy is a discipline swamped in terminology, making many wary. One should be wary , in other words, of equating intentions with causes. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Translations of wary in Chinese Traditional.

See more. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of wary? Browse warts and all idiom. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. Word of the Day space tourism. Blog Breaking the ice and throwing caution to the wind Weather idioms, Part 3 April 14, Read More. New Words extractive tourism.

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